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Is Virgo Boy and Cancer Girl compatible?

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December 31, 2007 7:57AM

Ummm, I'm not much of a big fan of the zodiac sign but I can tell you somethings about them. Virgo guys can be demanding, organizing, picky at times while Cancer girls tend to stay in the past and its memories. Guys will show them their rational point of views but girls will not be as enthusiastic as you would want them to. They are sensitive, keep that in mind. Cancer girls have a hard time coping with Virgo guys because the guys try to have a better life of making things look tidy and focus on the future instead of lingering in the past. This can create lots problems between them but once you guys get over this, there's not much really stopping you. Both of you will have a great relationship as long as you guys are settled with each other. My rating, it's difficult.

But you know what, all of what I'm saying is true and false at the same time, whether how you take this information. Everybody is different especially if it's same zodiac sign so it all varies. Don't rely on the zodiac, it's not always right or wrong, but rely on what you feel.