Is Vizio a good stock investment?

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Their balance sheet is not available, but based on their recent success it would be safe to say yes. But they are not publicly traded. They are currently a private company.
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Is Comcast stock a good investment?

Answer . Not for you. If you're depending on anonymous strangers to recommend stocks, then you shouldn't be investing in individual stocks. Put your money in a low-cost total stock market index fund instead. . Answer . I agree - if you really want to invest in individual stocks then you shou ( Full Answer )

Is this a good time to invest in the stock market?

Absolutely! Whenever you see any powerful solid stock at a 5 yr low it is a great time to invest if you can afford to invest for at least 5 years. The market on average returns about 8-12% for long term, 5-40 year investments, depending on how you invest. The best investors know that the best tim ( Full Answer )

Is VIZIO a good TV?

Television quality is largely a matter of opinion. Vizio make budget models that are very affordable and generally good value for money. This is at the expense of certain features. As with most budget manufacturers, their customer service may not be the best. It has been claimed that Visio televisi ( Full Answer )

Is Yahoo stock a good investment?

Yahoo is a profitable internet company, but there are strong competitors in Google and Microsoft. If they can maintain their strong usership, it will continue to be a good investment.

What is a good stock to invest in?

It really depends on the area of interest. May I suggest you look into some of the Sri Lankan products simply because they are on the rise since the war has ended.

How do you invest money in the stock market?

Standard speculation exhortation is that you ought to put resourcesinto an expanded blend of stocks, securities, and currency marketstores. You need to purchase a broadened arrangement of stocks asindividual stocks are excessively hazardous. Most people have adificult time purchasing an appropriatel ( Full Answer )

Are Preferred Stocks good for retirement investments?

Preferred stocks Êpays Êdividends Êat a specified rate and haspreference over common shares. In essence, it is Êkind ofÊ hybridsecurity making itÊÊaÊ good option for Êretirement investments.However, it is not a perfect choice if you are investing inÊa stockmarket with a ( Full Answer )

How to invest in stocks?

Investing in stocks begins by analyzing the stock in question. You can invest in a company by purchasing it's shares. The profits gains are known as dividends that are paid out quarterly or annually. There are various ways to invest in stocks. You can do it through a stock broker or you can also ( Full Answer )

Why invest in stocks?

People invest in stocks to get a return on their money. Day tradersare investors who trade stocks on a daily basis.

Investment in Stocks?

\nWhen you invest in stocks, it is risky. If you want risky, go with it. If you don't, try a GIC- Guaranteed Investment Certificate. In stocks, because they are risky, you get a higher rate of return, and in GICs, they are much less risky, so you get a lower rate of return...

What stock would possibly be a good investment at this time?

\nGiven the current turbulent economic situation, investing in sectors that would continue to have the same growth like before would be the best choice. \n. \nsome sectors include\n1. Power\n2. Pharma\n3. FMCG(Fast moving consumer goods)

How-to invest in stocks?

Investing in stock is actually really hard and to find out what strategy you like the most is basically the hardest part. For me investing is nice and a great pass time! Its easiest to start all you have to do is set up an account with an on line broker and start investing.

What is investing in Stock?

Investing in stock is simply buying ownership of a company, by doing this you become a shareholder or stockholder of that company. Investing in stock can be a very rewarding investment move but there are also risk to it. In investing in stock you need a professional in doing so, one who knows the st ( Full Answer )

Is Walmart a good stock to invest in?

Yes, Walmart is actually one of the best stocks markets to invest in, is fully safe, One stock market you really don't have to think twice to invest in.

How do you get money from investing in stocks?

okay lets say when you invest in a stock it is 1.00 per share. you invest in 30 shares. when you sell the 30 shares the value is 2.00. you just made 30.00.

Is Vizio a good tv brand?

I hear from two stores, walmart and kmart, that they are returned the most for the sound going off. Any truth to that?

Why is Google a good stock a to invest in?

Google booked $31.12 billion in total revenue during the 12 month period ended last quarter, 71.79% higher than the equivalent period ended three years ago, when total revenue was $18.12 billion. This already-healthy top line growth trend seems to have accelerated recently based on the company's rev ( Full Answer )

Why is NASA a good stock to invest in?

NASA is a US federal agency and as such offers no stock options, however, the contracting companies that NASA uses such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and others offer public stock options.

What are the good Stocks to invest for medium term?

Blue Chip stocks are good to start with, many pay a dividend 3-6 % a year. You need to understand risk management before you ever buy any stock. A Bear market could wipe out 50% of your investment, if you don't have stop loss limits in place.

Is buying stock in dodge motor company a good investment?

There is no Dodge Motor Company. Dodge is a brand of Chrysler Group LLC which is 46% owned by the Italian automaker Fiat, and in June Fiat will own majority stock at 51%. Is it a good investment? I believe it very well may be but there is no guarantee of this. The Auto industry is going through some ( Full Answer )

Are penny stocks good for beginner investments?

Penny stocks are way riskier than Blue chips. Definitely not a beginner stock. No doubt if you are buying in small quantity, then your losses arent much. But if you are in the market to make money, buy blue chips first.

What stocks to you invest in your fidelity investment?

Everyone has different needs and expectations for their investments, so before investing, speak to a financial planner so your investments will prepare you for the future that you want.

Are penny stocks a good investment?

From what I understand penny stocks seem to be subject a lot of different types of fraud such as Artificial inflation, sometimes are also sold illegally overseas. I would get some advice from a stock broker before you invest.

Is real estate a good investment in 2011 in relation to stocks and bonds?

Real estate would be a good investment in 2011 as real estate does not require you to pay in full, but rather over time and during that time the equity could increase. Maybe think of investing in stocks and bonds as well as real estate if you're looking to get the most back from your investment.

Where can you get good stock investing tips?

I would contact your local bank. Most banks will have financial representatives. You can also try companies that deal with just stocks, such as JP Morgan.

Where can you find good stock investment information?

You can find good stock investment information right on websites dedicated for reviews about stock investments. Also, you can ask family members or friends that has past experience.

What is a good book that can help you to invest in the stock market?

"The Intelligent Investor" has long been hailed as the most important book for any investor to read. Important investors, such as Warren Buffet, have said that this is one of the most important investment books that you can read. Consider it a worthy investment of your time.

Is stock market investing 101 a good class to take?

Stock market investing 101 is a good class to take because the stoke market is an easy and fun way to make money. Also, if you are interested in investing, this class will intoduce you to the fundamentals needed to successfully invest in the stock market.

What is a good investment for stock markets?

NASDAQ and a mail site because they are both doing very well right now, and appeared high on the list of stock markets to invest in. so those two would be very good to invest money in.

Are stocks and shares and good way to invest money?

Without a doubt, stocks and shares are a smart way to invest one's money. Investing in the stock market isn't a guaranteed way to make money, but there are ways to make small gains with ease.

Is commercial real estate common stock a good investment?

I'm not sure what is meant by "commercial real estate commonstock". Do you mean stock in a holding company that owns commercialproperties? If so, the best way to decide if it's a good investment is to lookat the occupancy rates of those commercial properties, and whetherthe businesses in them seem ( Full Answer )

Are OTC stocks a good financial investment?

It mostly depends on the condition of the U.S. Dollar's value and how much a single share of the stock is worth. Stock prices can always fluctuate and cannot be precisely predicted. So the answer would be more along the lines of 'it depends on when or how long it takes to be a good investment if at ( Full Answer )

What are some good Investment Firms for investing stocks?

"At this time, Motorola, Apple, the oil and energy, and China Mobile are great stock investment firms. The Exxon Mobile, Kimberly Clark, Proctor & Gamble, Walmart, Costco, and 3M are great choices as well."

Which stocks are currently good investments?

There are a few different stocks that are currently good investments, as of May 2013. Google is currently a very good stock to buy, as well as Microsoft.

What are some good stock market investments?

There's no general answer available for that since this mainly depends on the type of investment one would like to do. Just some examples: for retirements savings one would choose investments with lower risks. On the other hand a more speculative investment would allow higher risks. But there are se ( Full Answer )

What is some good stock investment advice?

Good stock investment advice includes investing in a variety of stocks, be realistic about returns, be willing to hold on to a stock for along time and buy low, sell high.

Where can one get advice on picking a good stock to invest in?

There are many places where one can get advice on picking a good stock to invest in. One can get advice on picking a good stock to invest in by visiting popular popular on the web sources such as Investopedia and The Street.

What is a good dividend stock to invest in?

hello friend, A good dividend Stock to invest in my view of context.High-growthmomentum stocks are nice, but many investors these days are moreinterested in stability and dependable dividends. If you're anincome-oriented investor, this list of Dependable Dividend Stocksis for you. Some of these stoc ( Full Answer )