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They have writors, who write all the storylines and make up the gimmicks. All the blood and stuff happens because when the superstars are fighting they keep a razor blade in the tape around their wrist. and the fight is scripted. soo when there fighting in stage, and they know there suppost to be bleeding the take the razor blade and when they get hit they pretend to hold it like it really hurt them, but they are really just cutting themselves enough to make them bleed.

So WWE is mostly fake.

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Q: Is WWE fake according to WWE superstars?
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What is happening in the WWE?

anything wrong its fake fake fake!!!but its so cool!I like wwe superstars much

Wwe superstars really beat with chairs?

no it is fake

Is the undertaker's tombstone piledriver real or fake?

No, none of the wwe superstars signurature moves are real! nothing about the wwe is reall! THE WWE IS FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you fake getting hit with a WWE ladder?

you cannot, the fighting in wwe is real punching and kicking but people write storylines and tell the wwe superstars what they have to do.

How many superstars are in the WWE?

what does it matter to you its fake anyway and a waste of your time and mere foolishness

What channal is WWE Superstars?

WWE Superstars is not on TV, it is aired on the official WWE website.

What is the duration of WWE Superstars?

The duration of WWE Superstars is 3600.0 seconds.

Have WWE superstars finished school?

most wwe superstars have college degrees.

When was WWE Superstars created?

WWE Superstars was created on 2009-04-16.

Have WWE superstars got psn accounts?

The WWE or its superstars have never released usernames of WWE Superstars or Divas who may have accounts.

Do the superstars work for WWE or are they contracted out?

All the WWE Superstars/Divas are under contract to WWE therfore they work for WWE they are not contracted out.

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WWE Superstars is currently shown online via Hulu Plus.