Is WWE fake or reel

Updated: 9/28/2023
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The storylines are fake, the actual Wrestling moves are real, I have been there done that.

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yes the WWE do actually fake it

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Q: Is WWE fake or reel
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Is WWE moves fake or real?

WWE is not fake it is scripted.

Is WWE 2012 still fake?

Yes WWE is still fake

Is wrestling in WWE and tna fake?

wwe is fake and tna is maybe too

What is happening in the WWE?

anything wrong its fake fake fake!!!but its so cool!I like wwe superstars much

Is the undertaker's tombstone piledriver real or fake?

No, none of the wwe superstars signurature moves are real! nothing about the wwe is reall! THE WWE IS FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is WWE wrestling fake or real?

WWE is sometimes real but most of the time it is fake

Is the WWE fake or real?

wwe is real

Is WWE wresting real or fake?

It is fake.

What moves are fake in WWE?

Every move is fake

How do is wrestling reel or fake?

its reel have u seen the Batista bomb they actually hit each other


no its fake

What are the secrets of WWE?

its FAKE