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Is WWE mr macmahon dead?

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No, Vince McMahon is not dead. He is still alive and still the chairman of WWE.

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Is ecw part of WWE?

yes WWE owns ECW so mr macmahon desided to finish ECW and have NXT AND WWE SUPERSTARSand the ECW people got to go to what ever brand they wanted to

Who is the WWE champion and how did John Cena hate Batista?

the wwe champion is John Cena and of mr macmahon and Bret the hitman hart made John Cena and Batista become enemies

How did Vincent Kennedy macmahon died?

HE IS NOT DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is wwe leagend Mr Prefect dead?

yes mr. perfect is dead... he died on Feburary 10th 2003 he was 44 years old

Does WWE superstar Triple H have kids?

yes him and his wife stephani macmahon have 2

Did WWE fire Mr. Kennedy?

No, WWE did not fire Mr. Kennedy. He was released from his WWE contract.

When did mr machman joined WWE?

Mr. McMahon didn't join WWE he owns WWE as did his father before him!

Who is the best wrestlers from raw in WWE?

Batista ofcourse No Mr. MacMahon idmitted that His #1 wrestler on Raw was John Cena because he stuck with the wwe title from batista At WM, ER, and OTL. (Wrestlemania, Extreme Rules, Over the Limit) and its kinda obvious who the best is on Smackdown. WWE's BIGGEST threat, Undertaker.

Is hulk hogan ever come back WWE?

Doubtful MacMahon will probably won't want him back due to his involvement with TNA.

What is Mr. Machman's from WWE sexual orientation?

There is no one from the WWE named "Mr. Machman"

When was Bernard MacMahon born?

Bernard MacMahon was born in 1680.

When was Hugh MacMahon born?

Hugh MacMahon was born in 1660.

When did Arthur MacMahon die?

Arthur MacMahon died in 1980.

When was Arthur MacMahon born?

Arthur MacMahon was born in 1890.

How tall is Aline MacMahon?

Aline MacMahon is 5' 8".

When was Heber MacMahon born?

Heber MacMahon was born in 1600.

When was James Macmahon born?

James Macmahon was born in 1865.

When did James Macmahon die?

James Macmahon died in 1954.

When was Ross MacMahon born?

Ross MacMahon was born in 1698.

What is Macmahon Holdings's population?

The population of Macmahon Holdings is 3,000.

When was William MacMahon born?

William MacMahon was born in 1776.

When did William MacMahon die?

William MacMahon died in 1837.

Is mr kenndey and mr Anderson the same person?

Yes he retired from WWE and is now on TNA as MR. Anderson He didn't retire from WWE he was fired from WWE big difference

Is edge dead-WWE?

EDGE?DEAD?naaa...he is coming in WWE Royal Rumble 2010 February.

Is Mr Kennedy suspended from the WWE?

On May 29, 2009, Mr. Kennedy was released from his WWE contract.

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