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Is WikiAnswers a good place for questions?

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Yes, WikiAnswers is a good place for questions (mostly that are not needed to be answered immediately).

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What good does WikiAnswers do?

its has good questions on it

Is WikiAnswers a good place to search for answers?

WikiAnswers is a very good place to search for you answers. There are hundreds and hundreds of trusted users on WikiAnswers who give up their free time in order to help answer questions in a field that they are comfortable in. WikiAnswers is a very reliable source and a wonderful place to search for answers.

Why is WikiAnswers the WORST place to look up answers?

New questions on WikiAnswers do take a long time to get answered, but I wouldn't say that it's the worst place to look up answers. WikiAnswers works great for finding answers to common questions, and it does a good job of answering questions when you know ask right. Check out the related questions below for some ways to get better answers on WikiAnswers.

What is the point of books if there is WikiAnswers?

While WikiAnswers is a good source of information, it does not take the place of books. WikiAnswers gives answers to specific questions but it does not give you a story or cover such broad subjects that books can.

What are the advantages of WikiAnswers?

Good for questions and answers.

Are all questions on WikiAnswers good questions?

Unfortunately not all questions that are asked are good questions some need to be trashed, that is why there are supervisors. It might be because they might not have enough information to answer or that they just are not appropriate for WikiAnswers.

Is it good to ask many questions on WikiAnswers?

Yes, you can ask as many questions as you want on WikiAnswers. Also, it never hurts to ask/answer many questions also.

Is WikiAnswers a good site to find the answer to questions on?

Wikianswers is the best Q&A site on the internet. So it safe to say that yes, wikianswers is excellent to find answers to questions.

Why is someone writing answers that are unhelpful on some questions?

Some people just think that WikiAnswers is a place to joke around and have fun. Please remember that WikiAnswers IS NOT a place for that kind of nonsense. It was made for good and helpful answers.

Is the database of questions and their categories and answers available for download from WikiAnswers?

No, you cannot download WikiAnswers' questions, categories, and answers from WikiAnswers. WikiAnswers is solely on the internet, and cannot be downloaded. The WikiAnswers database will always remain on the internet, and for a good reason.

Does WikiAnswers have a WikiAnswers category?

There are three categories that contain questions about Answers:Questions about Answers.comQuestions about WikiAnswersQuestions about ReferenceAnswers

Are the questions on WikiAnswers answered by professionals?

Yes and no. Questions on WikiAnswers are answered by members of the WikiAnswers Community. There are not people sitting in an office answering the questions asked. However, there are many professionals who answer questions on WikiAnswers. Many of the supervisors are professionals in the category they supervise. So you are very liekly to get a good professional answer to your question.

Can you also answer some questions on WikiAnswers?

Yes , you can answer the questions on wikianswers.

Why won't WikiAnswers answer all people's questions?

because wikianswers is a place where people around the world answer questions and they might not know the answer to the question or it's never been asked before.

Why does WikiAnswers know nothing?

wikianswers know most things but some questions we're not sure of the answer to them!! Good question

Who are the contributers of WikiAnswers?

Everyone that answers or edits questions. good luck.

Why doesn't WikiAnswers have any photos?

WikiAnswers doesn't have any photos in questions or answers because first, most pictures are copyrighted and cannot be displayed here, and second, WikiAnswers questions shouldn't need photos in the first place.

What are questions that have no value to be answered on WikiAnswers?

Questions with no value on Wikianswers are questions that are not needed to be asked and simply waste time and space on this website. If you think you have a good question that ends up here when you ask it, E-mail Wikianswers directly and they'll take care of it.

Is WikiAnswers the best place to ask questions?

You must be very careful before you take anyone's advice about anything. Always try hard to check things out in as many different places as possible. Having said all that, WikiAnswers is a good place to start!

Is wiki answers good?

YES! WikiAnswers is a great place to learn, and help others learn what you know! Wiki helps other people, so it is very good. Get in there and answer some questions!I agree with above. You should even join Wikianswers!I can't use it properly since some of the questions just don't work. :(

How many Michelangelo questions are on WikiAnswers?

There are over 600 questions about Michelangelo on WikiAnswers.

How many celebrity questions are on WikiAnswers?

There are over 224,500 questions about celebrities on WikiAnswers.

How many questions about athletes are on WikiAnswers?

There are over 1,000 athlete questions on WikiAnswers.

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