Is WikiAnswers a good source

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Wikianswers is not a good source because anyone like myself could have made these answers up.

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Q: Is WikiAnswers a good source
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Is WikiAnswers unrelieable?

No, it is not. WikiAnswers is a very good source of information. Although some answers may be incorrect, most answers are correct and very detailed.

Is WikiAnswers a source?


What is the point of books if there is WikiAnswers?

While WikiAnswers is a good source of information, it does not take the place of books. WikiAnswers gives answers to specific questions but it does not give you a story or cover such broad subjects that books can.

Is WikiAnswers a good place to search for answers?

WikiAnswers is a very good place to search for you answers. There are hundreds and hundreds of trusted users on WikiAnswers who give up their free time in order to help answer questions in a field that they are comfortable in. WikiAnswers is a very reliable source and a wonderful place to search for answers.

What is the source of product knowlage?


Is WikiAnswers a primary source?

No, WikiAnswers is not a Primary Source. However, the Related Links section of each question may be used to find other sources, even a Primary Source.

Is it bad if you are obsessed with WikiAnswers?

Of course it isn't, WikiAnswers is a source of information so a WikiAnswers obsession just furthers your knowlage.

Is Wikipedia the same source as WikiAnswers?

No, they are not the same source. In fact, each site has a different source. WikiAnswers' source is from other trusted websites (though generally not Wikipedia) and the experience of over four million members.

What is the source of the information on WikiAnswers?

WikiAnswers InformationAll WikiAnswers are written by visitors to the website, just like you. Hundreds of thousands of people have contributed information.

Is WikiAnswers a serious website?

yea its a very good source and i love it i love to help people answer their questions so m people put up moree questions. wikianswers is a good website to get to know stuff you dont know like for homework i love it

What good does WikiAnswers do?

its has good questions on it

Is WikiAnswers garbage?

Of course not! WikiAnswers is a source of valuable knowledge and information. It is also ranked as the largest Question and Answer site in the world.

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