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Basically, yes.

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โˆ™ 2009-11-14 22:37:34
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Q: Is WikiAnswers all about asking and answering questions?
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What is the charge for answering questions?

There is no charge for answering or asking questions. All WikiAnswers wants are brief, clear and accurate answers. If you can do that, great!

What is the most important thing to do on WikiAnswers? is all about answering questions, asking questions and editing questions. It typicly is just abiut questions and answers

Will you be kicked out of WikiAnswers if all you do is write on people's message boards?

No, we do not block people from the website if all they are doing is messaging, however these messages must be clean and the messages may not be asking and answering questions. We do encourage that all of our users get involved with asking and answering questions as that is what this site is for!

When was WikiAnswers last revised?

it is always being revised. thousands off people all the time are answering questions that everyone is asking.

What is wiki all about?

i t's used for asking and answering questions

Is someone really answering your questions or is a computer on WikiAnswers?

The questions are answered by REAL people - from all over the planet !

What do you call someone who answers their own questions?

A contributor. Asking questions as well as answering questions is what WikiAnswers is all about, even if you answer your own question. The goal is to contribute the Q&A to the site and share the knowledge. So it's perfectly acceptable to answer your own questions.

Why ain't you answering all my questions?

Not all questions submitted to WikiAnswers are answered. This is because answers on WikiAnswers are given by users on a completely volunteer basis. For information on how to increase your chances of getting your questions answered, check out the related questions below.

How many contributions do you need on WikiAnswers to become a Silver Contributor?

You are required to make 5,000 contributions to become a Silver Contributor.Contributions include answering questions, asking questions, editing questions and recategorizing questions.(See the Related question for info on all the various contribution levels.)

Are all maths teachers pedophiles?

No they are not. It's like asking "Are all the people who send questions to wikianswers paedophiles?"

Is it true that you only get 5 cents for answering these questions?

no you just dont get paid at all. No it is not true. You get nothing at all for asking or answering questions here. People do it for many reasons, for fun, to help others, they enjoy it.

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