Is Williams syndrome a chromosomal error?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: Is Williams syndrome a chromosomal error?
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Is Turner syndrome a chromosomal error?

Yes, it is a chromosomal error which occured most likely during meiosis. It is an error in cell division called NONDISJUNCTION. The single X chromsome is maternal, which suggests that the meiotic error tends to be paternal (3/4 of cases) -Krista D. RN

What are some chromosomal disorders?

The most common type of chromosomal disorder is the Down syndrome caused by an added copy of chromosomes 21. More common chromosomal disorders are Klinefelter's syndrome and Turnerâ??s syndrome.

What are the chromosomal aberrations of Down syndrome?

There is no actual chromosomal change, there is an extra chromosome.

What are the scenarios of passing turner syndrome?

It is not passed on from parent to child. It is an error in meiosis.

Turners syndrome is what type of disorder?

Turner syndrome is a chromosomal disorder.

Is Marfan syndrome a chromosomal mutation?


What is the mode of inheritance of turner's syndrome?

The mode of inheritance for Turner Syndrome is recessive. Hope I helped, I have to do a project on it anyway!!

How do you get Down syndrome?

You do not "get" Down's syndrome. You are born with it. It is a chromosomal condition of the 21st chromosome.

What chromosomal mutation results in alagille syndrome?


Is down syndrome communicable disease?

No. Down's syndrome is a chromosomal disorder. In order to have it you have to be born with it.

What could be described as a chromosomal mutation?

Chromosomal mutation can have lasting impacts on the person who this happens to. A version of a chromosomal mutation is the mutation that leads to Down's Syndrome.

Why chromosomal analysis is needed for bone marrow and fragile X-syndrome determination?

"Chromosomal analysis" should not be used for Fragile X Syndrome determination. Chromosomal analysis, Karotyping, has proven unreiable in diagnosis. Detemination can be made through DNA testing for Fragile X Syndrome, FMR1 DNA test.