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Yes, The Wizard of Oz is for all ages.


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They are mostly midgets and some kids

The The Wizard of Oz with Judy Garland was made in 1939 .

A couple popular movies for kids were "Snow White" and "The Wizard of Oz"

The scarecrow have has his had in the Wizard of Oz.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (also often called just The Wizard of Oz)The Marvelous Land of OzOzma of OzDorothy and the Wizard in OzThe Road to OzThe Emerald City of OzThe Patchwork Girl of OzTik-Tok of OzThe Scarecrow of OzRinkitink in OzThe Lost Princess of OzThe Tin Woodman of OzThe Magic of OzGlinda of Oz has costumes from the wizard of oz. They have tin man, the lion, dorothy, and the scarecrow in both adult and kids sizes. What a fun idea!

The 1939 musical Wizard of Oz was based on the 1900 book The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

The surviving Munchkins from the cast of the Wizard of Oz make a variety of public appearances.

When Judy Garland made The Wizard of Oz, she was just 16 years old.

He represents the land of oz because he is the wizard of oz. He lives in the emerald city.

The land of Oz is the setting of the book and movie The Wizard of Oz.

The Wizard of Oz -.- or the alternative name Felix woodhouse <('.'<)

Yes. The wizard of Oz is a musical.

Yes, the wizard of oz is a fable.

In The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Auntie Em and Uncle Henry are called just that. No last names.

Kansas, just like Dorothy.

The Wizard of Oz was published in 1900.

"The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" (1910).

The Wizard of Oz worked at a carnival.

Daniel Scott was the producer of The Wizard of OZ

Dorothy did not die in The Wizard of Oz.

The Wizard of Oz was a musical play.

Wizard of Oz costumes can be obtained from the following sites:,, and

The Wizard of Oz lived in Emerald City.

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