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98% probability that it's silver plated, here's how to check:

Wm Rogers is an American brand, and all solid silver flatware made in America after 1870 will say ".925" or "Sterling" on it. If you don't see either of these it's silverplated.

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Q: Is Wm Rogers Manufacturing Co original rogers silverware silver or silver plated?
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Is 1847 rogers brothers real silver or plated?

1847 rogers brothers were known for making silver plated silverware.

What is 1847 Rogers Bros gold plated silverware worth?


What industry is NAICS 339912?

NAICS Code 339912 (Silverware and Plated Ware Manufacturing)

Is wm rogers mfg co original rogers silver or plated?

It is siver plated unfortunately.

How can you tell which WM Rogers silverware is silver and which is silver plate?

Rogers Bros xs triple is it silver or plated

What does E P Brass mean on the back of a piece of 1847 Rogers silverware spoon?

Electro Plated

How much is a set of rogers brothers silverware 1947 dafodil?

1947 Rogers Bros Silver Plated 56 Piece Utensil Set US$16.00

What does xs triple mean on rogers bros silverware?

coated with silver 3 times but still only silver plated !

Is prestige silverware solid sterling or plated?


Is 1847 Rogers Bros IS silverware sterling silver or plated?

The Rogers Bros. silverware is silver plated flatware. IS means your set was made after Rogers Bros. was acquired by International Silver Company, around 1898.For more information see Related Links, below.

How do you tell if rogers 1881 silver is plate or pure?

All Rogers items made in the 1881 line are plated. 1881 is the name of a group of silverware patterns, not the year it was made. Rogers did not make any sterling items in the 1881 pattern group.

What is a 1847 Rogers Bros AI mean?

The "1847" in 1847 Rogers signifies the year that the process of silver plating was discovered. Shortly thereafter Rogers Brothers began manufacturing silver plated wares.

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