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Is a 135 hp motor strong enough to ski with?

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Yes, but it does depend on the skill of the skier and to some extent the design of the water skis.

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What Size of motor in my jet ski?

the vin# is kaw27661E090

Where do you find help on a jet ski?

You could practically ask any Jet ski Motor specialist for help.

Is a 750 cc Jet Ski strong enough to pull with?

yeah i pull people around on my little 9.9 boat. i also have a 650 waverunner i pull peope with.

Can you water ski with a boat that was 135 horsepower?

That really depends on the size of the boat. If it's fairly small you probably can.

How can you find out if a boat hull is strong enough for a roller trailer?

I am assuming this is a sail boat, ski boat (jet boat). If the boat is made by a manufacturer the the hull will be strong enough. If the boat was made privately, the hull would be laid with plywood, then fiberglassed as a sealant strengthener. If you have an outboard motor on the transom, this must be well supported by "bungs" (which are the two pads at the back of the trailer. Most of the weight should be on the center-line (keel of the boat) and the rest should also be supported by the rollers.

Can you ski in Montreal?

No you can't, our mountain isn't high enough.

Are there Ski boots with laces?

No, Because Ski boots need to be super stiff to be able to ski straight and carve, and laces wouldn't be tight enough. If you need laces, snowboard.

Can a jet ski pull a man skiing?

yes, if your jet ski has a big enough engine. we have a 701 engine and you can get pulled out of the water

Can a Jet Ski go faster than a Shark?

If the motor is blown up .no If running yes.

Do you need insurance on a jet ski?

besides motor-less transportation... if you can drive it... you need one!

When is it warm enough to water ski in southeast Texas?

Typically April, but it will be chilly :)

What is the best choice for a ski bag?

The best choice for a ski bag is one that you can carry by yourself and has enough room to fit your skis and poles. When shopping for a good ski bag look for one that is durable and functional.

What size ski should a 5 feet tall 115 lbs have?

Beginner 135-140, Recreational 140-145, Intermediate 150-160.

Why was Ski Dubai built?

Arabs who can afford it, or who are lucky enough to have mountains in their country high enough for it, generally love it, skiing is a very popular sport among Arabs, popular enough that the people who made Ski Dubai felt that not only was their profit opportunity, but the opportunity to make something unique.

How does a 1993 Kawasaki 750 SS jet Ski cool?

Well how does a 1993 Kawasaki 750Ss jet ski cool? The motor of the 1993 750SS and all other two stroke jet skis cool with water that flows through the water jackets of the motor and the exhaust. I will further explain this using jet engine theory. A jet engine sucks in air, squeezes the air, and the blows it out the back end, which in case makes the plane or car move very fast. Well in case of a jet ski, it sucks the lake or ocean water in through the intake grate on the bottom of the ski, runs it through the different areas of the motor and the jet pump, (squeezes it)and then shoots it out the jet nozzle on the rear of the ski, in which case propels the ski through the water. The more throttle the rider gives the ski, the faster the process goes and thus the faster the jet ski will move.

What type of boat is most likely to have a planing hull?

A ski boat. Any type can "plane out" going fast enough though a v-hull would be the most common fro fast boats. It is a factor of the size, length, and weight of the boat and the power of the motor. A 15 foot aluminum boat can plane out with a 15hp outboard.

What hold ski boots to ski?

Bindings. These are devices that are permanently attached to the ski (with hidden screws). The boots snap into these bindings holding them at the toe and heel. They are designed to release when the skier falls and there is sudden and/or strong force pulling or twisting them apart, to prevent injury.

How much does it cost to rebuild a jet ski motor?

depending on parts required ? labour starts approx £60

Where is the starter on a jet ski?

follow the postive battery cable wire to the motor and youll find it bolted to the starter

How do use disable in a sentence?

A kill switch is used to disable the motor of a jet-ski if the rider falls off.

Can you ski faster on edges or on the flats of skis?

if you are a good enough skier to ski your edges without turning, you will go faster on your edges than on the bases. this is because there is a smaller point of contact

Where is the ski pole in xbox party mansion?

It is right next to the bike, and under the UCT flag. Its hard to notice, but if good enough, u will see the green outline of the ski pole

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