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Maturity at 14
  • I think that it doesnt matter on the age just the persons personality. You can be a 12 year old, but act like an 17 year old. It just depends on the person.
  • Although I agree with the answer above I do have to say that in most cases no because there are still so many experiences that you haven't had and many challenges you haven't learned how to deal with yet. There are always exceptions to every rule though. I'm guessing that you are 14.
  • 14 is mature for a kid and immature for an adult as a general rule. Think of your teens as apprentice adults. You aren't a kid anymore but you are still learning to be an adult. That is what these years are for. Try to learn from other peoples mistakes so you make fewer of you own, and always learn from your own mistakes, and you will make a lot. Being a truly mature adult is tough and learning to be one is tougher. 14 is a "mature-ing" age.
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Q: Is a 14-year-old mature
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