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Is a 1923 Indian Head Nickel you received as change worth anything more than a nickel?


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In average circulated condition, it's worth about a dollar. If the buffalo's horn is full & complete, it's worth about $10 If there is an "S" mintmark, on the back, beneath FIVE CENTS, then in average circulated condition, it's worth about $5. And if the buffalo's horn is full & complete, it's worth about $200 About $3 in worn condition, $5 with moderate wear, $12 with only slight wear


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Please check your coin again, as well as those in your pocket change, and post a new, separate question:Indian head (buffalo) nickels were minted from 1913 to 1938. A 1946 nickel would be a familiar Jefferson nickel.ALL US coins have their reverse side oriented 180ยบ to the front.

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Canadian coins aren't usable in the US. A Canadian nickel isn't worth anything in the US. IN Canada, the 2004 nickel is worth .05 cents. However, if you can sneak it into your change one day, you'll get .05 cents worth of stuff.

Please check your pocket change. All nickels minted since mid 1938 carry a picture of Thomas Jefferson. Indian head (buffalo) nickels were minted from 1913 to early 1938.

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Out of cash and out of range, use some nickel to make some change.

A nickel doesn't necessarily cost anything. To receive a nickel though, you have to either trade in another value of money and ask for that quantity instead. The value of the nickel is 5 cents but it doesn't necessarily cost anything. Correction If you're referring to the value of a nickel to a coin collector, it depends on the coin's date, condition, and mint mark. Pretty much anything found in change today isn't worth more than 5 cents but older nickels can be worth anywhere from a dime to many hundreds of thousands of dollars - - - but as noted, "it depends". In the first decade of the 21st century, commodity prices for copper and nickel, which make up the five-cent coin, rose dramatically, pushing the cost of manufacturing a nickel from 3.46 cents in fiscal year 2003 to 10.09 cents in fiscal year 2012.

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If you got in change, just spend it.

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It isn't really a change of any kind, but to the extent that it is, physical.

you can't buy a nickel. It's change you can get back. There's no buys nickels, dimes, pennies, or quarters. It's just change. Lawls literal epic fail sir. im pretty sure they were asking about the element nickel, Ni, not the currency.

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If it was found it pocket change spend it

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If you found it in pocket change, it's just a nickel. A uncirculated coin may sell for 25 cents.

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