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It may be a Mint error only in that the coin is an uneven thickness, in which case it would be a planchet error. If the coin is not damaged otherwise (excluding the bubble), though, then it's probably not a provable Mint error. The bubble is probably a lamination problem, which can also be a planchet error. This occurs when the cupro-nickel layer (the "silver" colored layer) separates from the copper middle.

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What is the value of a 1984 S proof olympic silver dollar?

Retail value for the 1984s proof Olympic Coliseum Dollar is $17.00 in PF-67

How much would a 1984 Lincoln penny be worth?

There is nothing special about a 1984 penny, so its just 1 cent. There are a few 1984 pennies that are referred to as double ear 1984s and from what I have found they are worth about 3,500.00 The ear lobe looks like it has two ear lobes or an extra long one.

How much is a 1984 fifty cent piece worth?

The value of a coin depends on many factors, one is the condition, or grade, of the coin. Another factor than can effect the value of the coin is the mint mark on the coin. A 1983 Kennedy Half Dollar has one of three mintmarks - D, S or no mint mark. If the coin has no mint mark on it, it was manufactured in Philadelphia. If it has an S mint mark, it is a proof coin and was minted in San Fransisco. The D mint mark is for the mint in Denver. A 1984 P or D mint mark Kennedy Half in somewhat good, circulated condition is worth about $1. A 1984P in a high mint state condition is worth approximately $120. A 1984D in a high mint state condition is worth about $180. A 1984S can be worth up to $200 in perfect of PF70 condition. Most 25 year old coins that have been in circulation will usually receive a grade of VF20 or so. If this is the case with your coin, its worth about $1.

What is an obverse quarter?

"Obverse" refers to the front of the coin (usually the side with the portrait), as versus the "reverse", or back, of the coin.

What is a sentence using the word obverse?

The U.S. quarter has President Washington on the obverse. (It's a term commonly used in numismatics-coin collecting)

Where is the mint mark on a 1918 US quarter?

It is located on the obverse, to the left of the date.

But my quarter was made n 2003 and it is miss liberty?

George Washington has been on the obverse of the U.S. quarter dollar since 1932.

How much thicker is a nickel than a quarter?

The thickness of the US 25¢ coin (quarter) is 1.75 millimeter. The thickness of the US 5¢ coin (nickel) is 1.95 millimeter. The nickel is 0.2 millimeter ( 11.43% ) thicker than the quarter.

Whose face is on the reverse of a quarter?

The reverse of any coin is its back. The portrait is on the obverse, or front.

Which gum will stretch the longest 5 gum hubba bubba or double bubble gum?

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Did an error happen to 1980 liberty quarter I have one with a bubble in it.?


Can you get oversized grips for Taylor-Made bubble shaft clubs?

Yes, you can. The bubble shaft is thicker below the grip, but has a normal diameter at the butt end.

Why does Hubba Bubba make a bigger bubble than other gums?

Because the piece is thicker than any other gum, which causes a bigger bubble.

What kind of a bird on the back of a quarter?

On modern US quarters, the obverse design has an eagle (which shouldn't be too surprising).

Where is THE s and d on bicentennial quarter?

From 1968 to date. The mintmark's will be on the obverse (front) of the coin, to the right of the hair ribbon.

What size of plywood is thicker one quarter inch or three eighth inch?

1/4 = 2/8 so the 3/8 is thicker.

How much air pressure to blow a bubble gum bubble?

It would be dependent on the gum. Some thicker gums needing more pressure and thinner gums needing less.

What is the smallest bubble gum bubble ever blown?

The smallest bubble gum bubble ever blown was one quarter of one fourth blown by Tori Hutch on Saturday,June 20, 2009 at 4:53 PM.

The first circulating coin to use Braille was Alabama's quarter in the US Mint state quarter program Who was on it?

Helen Keller was pictured on the reverse. George Washington, as with all of the state quarters, was on the obverse.

What is an Arizona quarter worth which is not struck on the head?

If you mean the obverse is missing? It's likely been altered, but take to a coin dealer to be sure.

How much is a 2004 Iowa state quarter worth with a bubble in it?

The bubble is likely a "gas bubble" caused by a chemical reaction in the manufacturing of the strips to make planchets for the quarters. If you can, take it to a coin show and have a few different dealers look at it. I have sold some Eisenhower dollars with bubbles before for $10.00 with a few small bubbles and one for $35.00 that had a quarter size bubble. I have never seen a quarter like this but I think it's worth a couple dollars, you just have to find the right person that wants it.

What are the mint marks on the front and back of a 1929 quarter?

The mint mark on a 1929 Standing Liberty Quarter can be found next to Liberty's right foot, just above and to the left of the date on the coin's obverse (front) side.

What is the value of a 2000 Washington quarter obverse muled with a Sacajawea dollar reverse?

The one that I am aware of was certified MS65 and sold at auction in 2000 for $47,500.

How do you reduce resistance in a coper wire?

Use thicker wire. Doubling the diameter gives one quarter the resistance.

Why is one side of the quarter called tails?

The reverse of a coin is called "tails" because the obverse traditionally shows "heads" (relief images of famous people).