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Is a 1996 Canadian nickel with a fish on it rare?

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It was produced to celebrate native Canadian heritage. It is less common to find than a nickel with a beaver on it, but its value is subject to whatever a collector is willing to pay. Canada post still sells complete coin sets of the 1996 celebration. I'm sure if a collector was missing that particular piece to finish off his set, he might pay significantly more than 5 cents.

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Q: Is a 1996 Canadian nickel with a fish on it rare?
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1927 Canadian nickels can be quite rare. If you have one that has been kept in good condition, it can be worth upward of $75.

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What is the value of a 1963 Canadian nickel?

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I have a Canadian nickel with no year date stamped Is this a rare coin?

Look on the other side of your coin. I do believe you are looking at an '02 nickel. The date was struck on the obverse of the coin, instead of the reverse like all other years.

What are the natural resources in Guatemala?

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What is 1925 Canadian nickel worth?

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How rare is a Canadian rabbit nickel?

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There were two types of nickel minted that year, each with two varieties. The common versions are worth between 25 cents and 3 dollars depending on condition. The rare versions are worth several hundred dollars at minimum.

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Its face value... its not rare at all. In case you are that stupid... face value is 1 cent. or 0.01 dollars.

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What is the value of a 1901 v nickel?

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