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No, colleges like 3.5 or higher. Harder colleges prefer 4 or higher.

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If I didn't do so well during freshmen and sophomore year but receive a 90 or above average for junior year will the good colleges even look more into me

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Q: Is a 2.5 GPA in core classes good?
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Is a 25 act score and 3.8 GPA good?


Is Ohio state a good school?

Theaverage ACT score to go to Ohio is a 25 and the average GPA is a 3.45

What is the GPA for 89.8776 on a 4.0 scale?

You divide by 25 to get the GPA. This comes out to be a 3.59, which could be a B+ or an A-.

What GPA do you need to get accepted into clemson university?

at least3.4 with really good SAT( 1600) and ACT scores(25 or more)

You are a Mexican from Michigan that goes to private school and has a 3.45 GPA would university of Michigan or Michigan state accept you?

Sounds like you've got a good chance at both, granted you have good test scores (above 20 ACT, 25 and up would be nice for U of M), extra-curricular activities, and/or AP classes or credits.

How many children in a Indian classes?


Is 25 a good ACT score?

It is a good score! But it really depends on what school you are trying to get into. A state school: It is a very good score and you will be fine. School more competative: Their ranges are typically like 22-28 or so and you will most likey get in (also depending on GPA). Schools like Harvard: Sorry but no where near good enough. So, depends on the school. 25 is a good score and about 81% in the U.S. But if you are looking for scholarships...that is another issue because I got a 25 and have over a 4.0 and I needed scholarship money..and you get good money when you get a 28. With a 25 and a decent GPA, you will get a little money but if you want a lot of money, you have to raise it a couple points. But overall, pretty good score!

GPA in high school to be pharmacist?

you need around a 2.75 and a 25 on your act

What GPA do you need to get accepted at the University of Nebraska?

I think it is mainly just a 25 ACT. The gpa has to be above 2 but 2.5 or above should be a guarantee

Do you have a good chance of getting into UW-Madison if you have an average GPA of 3.6 but you got a 26 on your ACT along with 2 AP classes and 3 more advanced courses?

Your chances will hinge mostly on your class rank, not your absolute GPA or even your ACT scores (although you want to have a score above 25) ... at some high schools, a 3.6 may be in the top 1% but at other places a 3.6 may be just a bit above average.

What is the GPA to get into University of Missouri?

According to you need an ACT composite score of 25.

Is it difficult to get accepted into old dominion university?

74% of students who apply get in. 13% had h.s. GPA of 3.75 and higher 16% had h.s. GPA between 3.5 and 3.74 20% had h.s. GPA between 3.25 and 3.49 25% had h.s. GPA between 3.0 and 3.24 26% had h.s. GPA between 2.5 and 2.99 Your gpa is within their range. The range for the ACT is 18-22 so if you are above that it will help offset the gpa. Seems like you have a good shot at it. The school does look at other things such as essays and volunteer work. You are more than just numbers.

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