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rear wheel drive or four wheel drive capable

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Q: Is a 2000 ford truck front wheel drive vehicle?
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Is 1995 Honda Odyssey front wheel drive?

Yes, it is a front-wheel drive vehicle.

What does 4 x 2 mean in trucks?

It means that the truck does not have four wheel drive. The truck is rear wheel drive and is pushed from the back. 4x2 means a four-wheel vehicle in which engine power is transmitted to only two axle-ends: the front two in front-wheel drive or the rear two in rear-wheel drive.

Where is the front drive shaft?

IT depends on the vehicle. Of course it is in the front of the vehicle but is it an older 4 wheel drive,all wheel drive or a standard 2 wheel FWD.

What is the difference between front wheel drive and two wheel drive?

A front wheel drive vehicle is only driven with the front wheels. It will have a transmission in the front with drive lines attached. A two wheel drive vehicle is any vehicle that is only driven by two wheels. It can be a front or rear wheel vehicle. For instance. My dodge ram 1500 v6 is two wheel drive from the rear. An Oldsmobile cutlas cirea is two wheel drive but in the front. I hope this helped. Derek

Is a 4x2 truck front or rear wheel drive?

It is rear wheel drive only.

How do you get my truck into four wheel drive?

First you have to make sure it is a four wheel drive vehicle.

Is a 2000 Ford Focus a front wheel drive or a rear wheel drive?

The 2000 Ford Focus is a front wheel drive vehicle

Is the 90 Plymouth Voyager front wheel drive or rear wheel drive?

A 1990 Plymouth Voyager is a ( front wheel drive vehicle )

Differences between a transmission designed for transverse front wheel drive vehicle compared to a rear wheel drive front engine vehicle?

More weight over the drive wheels = better traction with front wheel drive.

Is the 2000 Honda Odyssey a front or rear wheel drive?

The 2000 Odyssey is a "front" wheel drive vehicle.

Is the 1999 Ford Windstar Front wheel drive?

YES , the Ford Windstar is a front wheel drive vehicle

Does 1995 sunfire have front wheel drive?

Yes , a 1995 Pontiac Sunfire is a front wheel drive vehicle

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