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Is a 22 rifle considered a rimfire rifle?


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Yes, if somebody says ".22 rifle" they almost certainly mean a rifle chambered for the .22 long rifle (or .22LR) round. The .22LR is a rimfire, as are the .22 short, .22 long, .22 CB, the .22WRF (Winchester Rim-Fire), and even the .22 Magnum (properly called the .22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire or .22 WMR).

There are other calibers of rifles that use bullets about the same bore size, but they have different names. They are higher-powered calibers. They are centerfire rounds, not rimfires. Examples would be the .22 Hornet; .222 and .223 Remington, .220 Swift, and .22-250.


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The original was in caiber .44 Henry rimfire. Currently in caliber .22 rimfire. Which one?

22 long is a type of 22 rimfire. Others are CB, short, long rifle and a few others .

Only if it's a .22 Long Rifle revolver. It's not compatible with the .22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire.

.22 short, long, or long rifle rimfire ammunition only.

All firearms that are in caliber .22 Long Rifle (LR) or 22 Long or 22 Short are rimfires. If you look at the face of the bolt, you can see the firing pin. If it is in the very center of the bolt face, it is center fire. If at the edge of the face, it is rimfire.

"Regular .22 rimfire ammo IS .22 LR.

22 Short, 22 Long, or 22 Long Rifle rimfire interchangeably.

Your marlin model 925R rifle accepts .22 long rifle ammo.It will handle any standard 22 long rifle ammo made.

No. Georgia law requires rifles or handguns used for deer to be 22 cal CENTERFIRE or larger, with an expanding bullet. While .220 Swift, or 22-250 is legal (with the right bullets) a 22 Long Rifle (rimfire) is NOT legal.

There are 22 caliber centerfire cartridges such as the .22 Hornet and others, but ordinary 22 cartridges (short, long, long rifle) are rimfire.

There is a .22 WRF, and a .22 WMR. WRF is Winchester Rimfire. Bigger than a ,22 Long Rifle, but shorter than a .22 WMR- Winchester Magnum Rimfire. If someone is using the term .22 MRF, it is an inaccurate term.

Not a good description. The .22 rimfire was not invented until 1856, so a rifle made in 1818 could not be.

As in .22 WMR? That is the full name of the cartridge- the .22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire- usually called the .22 magnum

No. They are totally different size and shape cartridges. 22LR si rimfire, 22 Hornet is a centerfire.

No, it's a subcalibre rimfire rifle.

The .22 Short is the oldest of the current firearm cartridges. The .22 Short was created in 1856, the 22 Long in 1871, and the .22 Long Rifle in 1886. There have been other .22 rimfire cartridges that are now considered obsolete, such as the .22 Extra Long, .22 Special, .22 Winchester Auto, .22 Remington Auto, etc. The .22 Winchester Rim Fire, and the .22 Winchester Magnum rimfire are still made, and the Magnum is very popular.

You aren't supposed to dry fire .22 rifles because they are rimfire. If you want to do this, you need to find some .22 dummy rounds.

Do a search for High Standard A1041 rifle parts. Numrich gun parts has a good selection of parts for this rifle.

22 caliber rimfire cartridges shorter and less powerful than the 22 long rifle. They used to be quite popular and inexpensive, but are now becoming hard to find and cost as much as the long rifle shells.

It's a warning to the user that the only compatible ammunition for that rifle is the .22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire (22 WMRF), and other types of .22 ammunition are NOT compatible.

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