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No. In a 2.4 Volt battery there is more "Juice" for the battery to last longer and perform better. Also a 2.4 battery is capable of powering things that are a bit more advanced and sophisticated.

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Q: Is a 2 pack 2.4V battery same as two 1.2 volt batteries?
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Can you make a battery pack for a 7.2 volt RC car from 9 volt batteries Will the extra voltage be to much?

it will be too much of a jump. i would recconmend a 2s (7.4V) lipo battery

Can you jump a 12 volt battery with two 6 volt batteries?

Yes, if the two 6 volt batteries were connected together in series.

Can I charge 2 eight volt batteries with a 12 volt battery charger?


What batteries does Chevy volt had?

lithium-ion battery

Can 6 volt batteries connected in series be jump started with a 12 volt battery?

Two 6 volt batteries in series, yes. In parallel, no.

Should you set your car battery recharger to 6 volt or twelve volt?

The charger needs to be set to charge for the voltage that the battery is designed to produce. Most car batteries are 12 volt batteries.

How do you get 24 volt power from a 12 volt battery?

use two 12 volt batteries in series.

Five 1.5 volt batteries?

They make a 7.5 volt battery when put together

What is a 3 volt battery?

A 3 volt battery is a battery that produces 3 volts. Many watch batteries produce 3 volts.

How does a pp3 battery work?

The Ever Ready company issued a "PP" series of batteries (standing for 'power pack'), and the PP3 was the small nine-volt battery in that series.

How do you charge 6 volt batteries with a 12 volt charger?

If you have two 6 volt batteries you can take a jumper wire and connect the negative post on one battery to the positive post on the other battery then connect the remaining pos and neg posts to the 12 volt battery charger.

How do you make a 6 volt battery into a 12 volts?

That is Impossible. You can however make two 6 volt batteries into a 12 volt system by wiring the two 6 volts batteries in Series. You will then have an output voltage of 12 volts but the amperes will only be what one of the batteries have, In other words the volts will double but the amps will stay the same as if you only had 1 battery connected.