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Yes that's a good size for 12 year old

I wasn't even out of the A's until I turned 14

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Not really...

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Q: Is a 38A bra small for a 13 years old girl?
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What does a 38a bra look like?

a 38a bra is said to not even be invented in most clothing stores, you should move on to a size b. so a 38a bra would look like a 32b.

What size is after 38A in a bra?


What is Bella thorne's size bra?


What is Difference between 38a and 38c in swimming pool?

One Bra size.

What is a slim girl's bra size?

Bra sizes have nothing to do with waist size. A slim girl can have a large bra size or a small one. It just depends on her DNA.

Should a ten year old were a bra?

I think you should wear a bra if they are getting bud i am 17 and when i was 9 i wore a starter bra if they dont want to wear a bra try a starter bra which would be best as i said earlier i am 17 and i wear a 38a

Where can you find a 38a bra?

Go to the lingerie section of a shop and ask to be fitted up. You may not be wearing the right bra size in the first place. Once you've been measured, they will help you choose the right bra for you.

Who is the red head girl with a small flame theme bra?

Yoko Littner.

Can a thirteenth years old girl wear a bra?

yes she can if her breast has developed

What is a normal bra size of 24 years old girl?

There is no such thing as a normal bra size for a girl of any age, even a girl who is 24 years old. Bra sizes between females vary according to their weight and body shape. The cup sizes C and D seem to be very popular in most stores.

How old should a girl start to wear bra?

10 to 12 years old.

What do you call a girl with no bra on?

You call a girl with no bra on by her name. She is no different than a girl with a bra on, she is a person who made her own clothing choices.