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Q: Is a 5 inch erect penis small for a male of 19?
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Is it normal if your boyfriend only has a three inch penis when erect he is 27?

No, 27 inches is abnormally small for a matured male penis.

Is a 5 inch penis erect for a 13 year old considered small?

Not at all; the average size of an adult male's penis is 6 inches erect. And at 13 years old, you still have a lot of growing left to do.

What is a good penis size for a seventeen year old male?

5 to 6 inches when erect. Could be as small as 1 inch when flaccid.

If Im 18 with a 5 inch penis is that small?

No, you are completely normal. Average size of an erect penis on an adult male is 4-6", so you are right in the big middle of normal.

Can a male with 4 inch erect penis make a woman pregnant?

Yes any size can get a woman pregnant.

You are 30 and have 4 inch an erect penis is a normal?

Yes, because as a male gets older, it shrinks!That is really small for a 30 year old because when you are in your sixties it will be even smaller. Most women prefer a penis in the 6"+ range.

Is a 7 inch penis small for a 17 year old?

A 7 inch penis, if measured from the top of the penis, is actually larger than average for an adult male.

I am 15 and have a 6.5 inch erect penis is that enough for girls?

Average size of an erect male penis is around 6 inches, so you're average. Plus the depth of the vagina is about 4 inches if that makes you feel better :P

What does the name boner?

"Boner" is a slang term for the erect hard male penis.

Which part of the male reproductive system deposits sperms in the vagina?

The erect penis.

Is it normal if im 13 and your penis is pretty small?

It takes time for all parts of you to grow to adult size. The average size of a penis for an adult grown male is 5.57" when erect.

How do you know a male circumcised?

The male that has fallen victim to circumcision has no skin on his penis that can cover the glans at the top. The male with an intact penis will have a tube of skin that covers the glans penis, particularly when it is not erect.

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