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No, 27 inches is abnormally small for a matured male penis.

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โˆ™ 2010-07-25 23:58:08
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Q: Is it normal if your boyfriend only has a three inch penis when erect he is 27?
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Is a 3 and a half inch penis small?

Yes, a penis that is three and a half inches when erect is pretty small...sorry.

If you are ten years old and your penis is three inches is that normal?

Ok so basically your penis should be 8 inches by now. But if its any constellation my ex-boyfriend at 16 still had a small penis, so its ok, you're not alone.

How long is a bull's penis?

A bull's penis, when fully erect, can be around two to three feet in length. Diameter is around two to three inches, thicker at the base than the tip.

Is a three inch penis small?

Not at all. The average adult penis size is 4'' flaccid and 6'' erect. It is not worth worrying about penis sizes at all. Not only that, a penis does not stop growing until you reach around 20-years-old, and after Puberty has ended.

What is the average penis size for a twenty three years old boy?

An Average Penis for all full grown men is between 5 1/2 and 6 1/2 inches erect, and there isn't a real flacid average. What really matters to all women is when its erect and ready to be put to use ;)

I am 15 and i have a three inch erect penis i have little to no facial hair some pubic hair and can only sometimes cum is there something wrong with me?

Nope. Sounds just fine.

You are 14 and your penis is 2inches erect is this normal do i have a penis growing problem?

no, you are right on track. your penis will be small until around 15. At 15 you will prob begin to see tiny pubes and your balls and dick will get bigger. I, a 16 y o male know that at 16, you are 2/3 done with puberty. My balls are adequate and my dick is 6'' long with circ of three in. What my point is that everything takes time to grow in properly. hope i helped.

What are three parts of the penis?

Three parts are:- Foreskin Penis Shaft Glans Penis

Is it normal to have feelings for a boyfriend after three year of not seeing him and you thought you you're over him?

I'm the person who put this question up...and he is my EX boyfriend.

IS it normal to have a three foot long penis?

No, there is no such thing on the human male. Some animals can have a long penis such as an elephant or whale, but it has not been recorded on the human race ever.

What are the three regions of the human penis?

The shaft, the glans (head), and the meatus (peehole). Also included are the urethra (pee tube) and corpus cavernosum (sponge-like tissue that makes the shaft of the mature penis enlarge, become hard, and stand up erect.)

Is it normal to have a three and three fourths inch penis at 13?

Yes. At this age, you've just started puberty, or will start it soon so you have nothing to worry about

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