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Not necessarily. They can be any relation or maybe not related at all. It is a title given by the monarch to whoever they want. Some people have several titles.

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Who was William duke of Normandy to king William?

he was hes cousin On the contrary he was the same person

Who was chosen king following the July revolution?

Louis Philippe, Duke of Orleans was chosen as king in the 1830 July Revolution in France. He was the cousin of the ousted King Charles X.

King is to queen as duke is to?

King : Queen :: Duke : Duchess^_^

Why was new york colony founded and where the settlers came from?

the British King gave it to his cousin the Duke of York, the majority of the people came from england

Why should William duke of Normandy become king?

Because the former king promised him the throne.Because his family was rich and wealthyhe had never lost a battle and it was important to be stronghe sorted out things like crimehe claimed to be Edwards (previous king) cousinHe was a duke of Normandy so he was an experienced leader

Which is stronger a duke or a king?

A King is a more senior position than a Duke.

Is king cymphonique and veno's cousin?

yes king is their cousin he also raps he goes by lil King

Who is the current King of Luxembourg?

Not a king, but a Grand Duke. His name is Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg

How did Jim and Huck meet the king and duke?

Huck meets the Duke and King when he is out canoeing to get carries and the duke and king are running from a mob and need to use buck in order to escape

What does duke mean?

A duke is sort of like a king but not as royal.

What was william's duke of Normandy's weaknesses?

He was not good at sailing and he had no relation with the king before him but he has loads of advantages like he was the cousin of Edward the confessor and he was promised the throne. Hoped that helped Chloex

What did Tom and Huck decide to do regarding the king and the duke?

they would both go into town and warn the king and the duke.

What important things give away the king and duke in the adventures of huckleberry Finn?

The doctor realizes that the king and the duke are lying, and when the true Wilks brothers come. The townspeople found out the king and duke were lying.

What had the king and duke been doing before they met huck?

What had the king and duke been doing before they met Huck?

Does Luxembourg have a king?

No, Luxembourg has not a king but a Grand Duke, grand duke Henri and his wife grand duchess Maria-Theresa.

What did duke William do after he became king?

duke William , went home and ate food after he became king whta else?

Was Jane Seymour related to any of Henry VIII other wives and who?

Yes, she was a half-second cousin to her predecessor Anne Boleyn, as they shared a great-grandmother, Elizabeth Cheney. She was also 5th cousin to the King himself, as she was the great-great-granddaughter of King Edward III through Lionel of Antwerp, 1st Duke of Clarence.

Who was friends with William duke of Normandy?

Most people say that William, duke of Normandy was cruel but he did have at least one friend which was Edward, the Confessor who supposedly had said that William should be the next king. Edward, the Confessor was also a distant cousin of William's and was his best friend.

Good King Wenceslas the King of which country?

Actually, he was not a king but the Duke of Bohemia.

When was James duke of york born?

James, Duke of York, brother of King Charles I and subsequently King James II? 1633.

The king and the duke in Huckleberry Finn are ultimately?

The king and the duke are con men. Toward the end of the book they get caught and tarred and feathered.

How do the king and duke treat huck and Jim?

Throughout the story, Duke and King has treated Huck and Jim as their own personal servants.

Who does the duke think hid the money in the coffin?

The duke thinks the king hid the money in the coffin and the king thinks the duke hid the money in the coffin. But..... we all know it was really Huck.

What are the release dates for The Patty Duke Show - 1963 What's Cooking Cousin 2-33?

The Patty Duke Show - 1963 What's Cooking Cousin 2-33 was released on: USA: 28 April 1965

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