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No, the lite is better.

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โˆ™ 2009-03-21 22:26:51
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Q: Is a Nintendo DS better than a Nintendo DS Lite?
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What are the Graphics on a Nintendo DS Lite?

better than gba

Nintendo DS or Nintendo DS Lite?

I would recomend a Nintendo DS lite but normal Nintendo ds's are cheaper

What is better Nintendo ds or ds lite?

The better one is Nintendo ds lite because it has bigger screens than Nintendo ds, smaller and more compact, easy to take out the stylus and does not hurt your eyes as much as Nintendo ds. Though, very sorry to say, sony psp is a million times better than both of these.

Is the Nintendo DS lite charger the same as the Nintendo DSi?

No, the Nintendo DS lite charger is different than the Nintendo DSi and DSi XL

What is the differenve between Nintendo ds and Nintendo ds lite?

Nintendo ds is older, fatter, dark screen Nintendo ds lite is thin, bright screen so you can actually see and buttons are better

What is a Nintendo ds and a Nintendo ds lite?

A ds lite is smaller and had a brighter sscreen and better gameplay A DS is a handheld gaming system developed by Nintendo. Go here:

Which is better Nintendo ds light or Nintendo DSi?

Nintendo Dsi if you do not have alot of gba games because your prob trading in your ds lite if you have a gba or ds and ds lite i recommend dsi

Can you play Nintendo DS games on the Nintendo DS Lite?

yes you can play Nintendo ds games on the Nintendo ds lite

Can you play Nintendo DS lite games on a Nintendo DS i?

Yes you can play Nintendo DS games on a Nintendo ds lite.

Can the Nintendo DS play against the Nintendo DS Lite?

Yes, the original Nintendo DS can play with the Nintendo DS Lite.

Is a Nintendo DS cheaper than a DS lite?

it can be but the ds lite is a much more popular ds so in my opinion i would by the ds liteWell, the Nintendo ds is equivalent to a lite, the lite is more popular but now the Nintendo ds is rare so currently it is more expensive!

Who is the creator of the Nintendo DS lite?

The creator of Nintendo DS Lite is the company Nintendo.

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