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is a ranger s/s 410 ga shot/ made by sear or Winchester

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Q: Is a Ranger 410 dbl pat April 20 1915 s no x50537 a Winchester sold by sears?
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Who made model m200 shotgun for sears?

I believe at one time,. Winchester made a model for sears. I had a sears M200 20 gauge and it was made exactly like my Winchester Modell 1300 ranger,.. very, very similar.

Sears ranger 105-20 16 gauge shotgun?

The Sears Ranger 105-20 16 gauge shotgun came out in the 1930s. The Sears Ranger shotgun has a 26-inch barrel.

Sears model 200 is what Winchester model?

Winchester Model 1200

Did Winchester ever make a model 94 for Sears?

Yes they did.The sears model number was model 54.This was a Winchester model 94.

Who made the Ranger 16 gauge pump shotgun with the number U41077 on the barrel?

We MAY be able to answer that if you provide the model numbers. Ranger was a brand used by Sears (and others) for guns sold by them, but made by several other companies. High Standard, Savage, Mossberg and Winchester (among others) made shotguns for Sears.

Was the Sears model 200 12 gauge shotgun made by Winchester or Highlander?


Where can one purchase a Polaris ranger windshield?

A Polaris ranger windshield can be purchased at any local Sears. Sears offers both the Polaris ranger full and half folding windshields at competitive prices.

Who made sears model 1 22 caliber rifle?

Winchester did, it's a clone of the Winchester 121

Who made sears .270 model 70?


Who made the sears and roebuck m200 12 gauge?


What is the value of a Sears 12g shotgun Model # 273.510780 - This model is the same as a Winchester 70A?

870 and 700

Who made the Sears Ted Williams M-300 20 gauge shotgun serial Q103755?

The Sears Ted Williams Model 300, semi-auto, shotguns were made by Winchester. The Sears 300 is the same as the Winchester Model 1400.

Where do you find information and parts for a Sears Roebuck model 6c 22 cal semi auto rifle?

The sears model 6c-22 was made Winchester/ same as Winchester model#490

Where can you find a Sears model 53 30.06 owners manual?

A Sears Mod 53 is a Winchester Mod 70. If Sears doesn't have an owner's manual for the 53 (and you can't find one on eBay), go here for a Winchester manual.

Who made the Sears model 273.2390 rifle?

Winchester Repeating Arms

Did Winchester make ted Williams T3 22 cal gun for sears?

Yes they did. The Sears Ted Williams Model T3 was the exact same .22 caliber rifle as the Winchester Model 190.

What can you tell me about a sears roebuck 12 gauge serial number 273.514010?

I believe that your Sears shotgun is a Winchester model 37A shotgun that was made for Sears Roebuck And Co,.

Ranger Shot Guns?

Ranger was possibly made by Hunter Arms Company and sold by Sears from 1930-1950.

What year was the model 100 30-30 lever action rifle produced?

The Winchester Mod 100 is a gas operated semi auto which was never chambered in 30-30. The Sears Ted Williams mod 100 30-30 was made by Winchester for Sears. The date is not provided in my source. Sears 100 273.532151 Winchester NM 94

Will all Winchester Model 1200 barrels fit a 1966 Sears Model 200 shotgun?

The Sears 200 is a Winchester Model 1200 with some minor modifications. Winchester 1200 of the same gauge will fit the Model 200 receiver. Buttstock and trigger group will not interchange.

Who made the Sears Ted Williams m 200 shotgun and can you get a barrel for one?

The Sears model 200 is a Winchester Model 1200.

Sears roebuck model 200 pump 12 ga How can you tell who manufactured the gun?

Winchester made the Sears Model 200.

Where can you get a firing pin for the model 100 30-30 Sears rifle?

gunpatscorp.comSears Model 300 firing pinIf the Model 300 is the lever-action .30-30 that Sears sold in the '50s it's a part-for-part copy of a Winchester '94. In fact, Winchester probably made it to be sold under the Sears name. If that's the case, a firing pin for a Winchester '94 can be made to fit it. POST '64, not pre-64The Ted Williams/Sears 100 is a post-64 Winchester 94, and requires a post-64 firing pin. We do have them available.

Who made Ranger over and under shotguns?

Marlin. The Ranger 103-1 O/U shotgun was Sears' name for the Marlin Model 90. Sears used the Ranger name prior to WWII and JC Higgins after WWII. The Ranger 103-xx and the Marlin model 90 were introduced in 1937.

Where can you find pictures of a ranger model 36?

Old Sears Catalogs