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Q: Is a TH350 transmission compatible with a chevy cheyenne 4.3L v6 engine?
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Will a th350 transmission fit a 283 engine?

The Chevy 283 engine has the standard bellhousing configuration and is compatible with transmissions that bolt to first generation small blocks. The automatic TH350 transmission will fit the 283 engine.

Will olds 350 hold a th350 transmission?

Assuming "hold" means compatible, yes

How do you time a TH350 if there is a mark on the balancer but no pointer please?

you can get a pointer at many parts suppliers such as jegs or summit. it will be chrome but will still do the job. bolt on to the engine and then set timing.Just a note. A TH350 is a transmission. You can not time a transmission.

What a TH350?

It's a GM transmission.

Where can you find an exploded view for a TH350 transmission?

You can find an exploded view for a TH350 transmission in transmission service manuals. The transmission service manuals can be obtained from most local libraries.

What automatic transmission should be used in a 1986 Monte Carlo with a 350 engine?

Most people with this motor go with a th350, th700r4, or a th200r4. The th350 does not have an overdrive gear, so if your driving on the highway, your gas milage will suffer.

What model transmission is in a 89 c1500?

Probably a TH350

How hard is it to rebuild a th350 transmission?

Not hard at all. :)

What is the electrical plug for on a th350 transmission?

if you have an electrical plug and its a th350. you have a th350C or lock up. it is to control; the lock up soliniod

What is the fill capacity on a Th350 transmission?

About 10 to 12 qts

What transmission did the cutlass 350 rocket have?

turbo 350, TH350. but its a BOP TH350 not a chevy, same tranny, different mounting holes

What transmission does a 1978 G20 van have?

They usually have a TH350 or 400 Transmission Very common to come by