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Is a T or Y the correct fitting on a shared waste line?

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a y with a eighth bend or 45 makes alot smoother sweep for a drain and has a less chance of having a restriction

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Is there a ICD-9 for removal of Picc line?

A PICC line is inserted intravenously to provide continuous access. The correct ICD-9 code for the removal is V58.81 for the fitting and adjustment of a vascular catheter.

Can you use Compression fitting on a brake line?


You have transmission fluid leaking from your coolant line on a 1999 GMC 2.2L Sonoma The line is properly flared but it will not stay tight in the fitting?

Replace the fitting.

Where to locate fuel filter on 1984 Chevy c10 truck?

If you look at the front of the carburetor you will see a medal line that is screwed into a 1 inch fitting. You will need to remove the line from the fitting with a 5/8 wrench and then remove the 1 inch fitting and the filter will be behind that fitting.

Where do you find the fuel filter in an 86 Olds cutlass?


Where is the fuel filter 1985 toronado?

On my 84 Toronado, 307, 4bbl, the fuel filter is located in the base of the carb.There is a large hex fitting in the centre of the base of the carb at the front. This is where the fuel line attaches. You undo the fuel line from the fitting then remove the fitting from the carb. The filter is in that fitting. The filter is a small tubular type about the size of your little finger. Make sure you have the proper wrenches when you do this. You're going to need a 1"open end wrench for the hex fitting and a 5/8" flare nut wrench for the fuel line fitting. Put the open end wrench on the big fitting and hold it in place, then using the flare nut wrench undo the fuel line fitting which screws into that big fitting. Gently pull the fuel line away from the carb. Now undo the large fitting and remove the filter. Put the new filter in the fitting and screw it back into the base of the carb. Use the 1" open end wrench to tighten the fitting in, but do not over-tighten it. Just so it's a snug fit. Then holding the wrench in place, screw the fuel line fitting into the large fitting. The trick to this is holding one fitting in place while you tighten the other. You want the filter fitting to be tight into the carb base and the fuel line fitting to be tight into the filter fitting. There's not much space to do this and you must be careful not to put a kink, or bend in the fuel line.Start the car and look for fuel leaks, and if found, then using both wrenches, tighten each nut separately holding the other in place, until the leak stops. Drive the car and after a few days check again for leaks.

Where is fuel filter on 1978 Chevy K-10 Silverado?

If you look at the front of the carburetor you will see a big medal line screewed into a 1 inch fitting, the line is a 5/8 fitting and the filter is behind the 1 inch fitting.

How do you remove a stuck fuel hose?

you will have to explain a little more are you describing a fitting with a clip or just a clamped rubber line on a barb fitting? if a clamped fitting take pliers and grab on fitting enough to turn hose back and forth it will usually pop free. if with a clip fitting you have to take the lock clip out from behind the flange and it should release if not you may have to cut the fitting out and replace it if it is a metal line there should be two fittings you put two wrenches on and turn in opposite directions again if the are too tight you may have to pipe cut the line and splice with a rubber piece of fuel line

What is a point shared by two lines?

its a line but it can also be a line segment

What causes an offset sewer line?

Various fitting degrees

How do you remove the quick connect on the transmission line of a Chevy s10?

There is a plastic fitting or tool that goes around the line and you push into the fitting to release it. Push it in and pull out the line. You can buy a set of 5 for around $8 to $10 U.S.

What makes a line of symmetry?

what makes a line of symmetry is that it has to be shared equel.That is what makes a line of symmetry.

How do you disconnect a fuel line on a 2002 ford expoler?

Ford uses a quick connect fitting. You need the right size plastic release clip for the size line. It is a split plastic washer that goes around the line, you push it into the fitting and that releases the line. You can get a set of them for I think $6. Once you see the tool, it should make sense what it does and how to do it. Push the clip into the fitting with one hand and pull the line out with the other.

How do you replace fuel filter on a 1976 K-5 blazer?

the fuel filter is located inside a fitting on the carburetor, where the fuel line goes into the carb....hold the fitting with a 1" wrench while you break loose the fuel line with a 5/8 wrench, unscrew the fuel line and then break loose and unscrew the fitting

Where is the fuel filter located on a 1972 Camaro?

It is located behind the big fitting that the fuel line goes to and it requires a 5/8 inch wrench for the fuel line and a 1 inch wrench for the fitting.

How do you remove the transmission cooler lines from the transmission on a 1992 Jeep Cherokee Loredo?

The bottom fitting is a quick connect fitting. You usually use a special tool to release this fitting. Some auto parts stores will lend you the necessary tool for free. The top line will be a flare fitting, which will require the proper sized end wrench or line wrench to remove.

What was the name shared by eight british kings?

The same one shared by a line of vaccuum cleaners: Henry.

How do you take off Tran line from?

At the radiator, pop off the plastic cover and slide it back aways, then using a pick remove the "C" clip that is now exposed, once the clip is removed you can wiggle the line out of the fitting. Install the clip back into the fitting before you snap the line back in then slide the plastic cover back over the fitting.

Where is the low side of ac air compressor 1997 Saturn?

low side of a/c is the larger diameter line it the smaller fitting(charge side) vs. high side is your smaller line larger fitting

Line dancing is when a group of people dance in a line write correct?

Yes, that is correct.

Can i hookup a gas regulator vent line to a plumbing waste line?


How do you work out x dimensions?

measure the length of the fitting first. Then insert pipe into fitting and mark a line on pipe. measure that bit of pipe. deduct off the length of fitting and half it to give you your x dimension

Can you use compression fitting on brake line?"

How to remove lower trans line from radiator?

Should be a threaded flared fitting

Can the drain for your shower an sink enter into the waste line before a toilet Example sink then shower then toilet?

Yes but you will need a 4" pipe (3" in some codes) to pick up the waste line for example=Shower 2" line then a 2" x 11/2" tee for the basin and then 4" for the toilet waste==You cannot decrease a waste line=