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Q: Is a biological phenomenon while is a psychological phenomenon.?
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What is research that seeks to expand your understanding of psychological phenomenon?


What is evolution categorized as?

As a biological phenomenon and a scientific theory.

What would be the social biological and psychological advantages and disadvantages of increasing the age of marriage?

There are many social, biological, and psychological advantages and disadvantages of increasing the age of marriage. A biological disadvantage is you would have to wait longer to have children.

What are the dimensions of illness?

biological, psychological, social, spiritual

Is ASMR a phenomenon?

In a way, it is a psychological phenomenon because we still don't completely understand it. It is being studied by scientists and psychologists.

Do biological or psychological traits predispose people to commit crime?

psychological traits, if the person has psychological challenges, or needs psychological help, may predispose people to commit crimes

What does biological evolution study?

Biological evolution is a natural phenomenon. Scientific disciplines that study this phenomenon include: developmental biology, evolutionary biology, palaeontology, comparative genomics, microbiology, and so on, and so forth.

What is biochirality?

Biochirality is the chirality - of biological molecules, especially the study of the genesis of such chirality - the phenomenon by which two biological molecules are symmetrical.

What are daily variations in biological and psychological processes called?

circadian rhythm

What is the study of the link between physiology and psychological events?

Biological Psychology

Asch's famous line experiment dealt with what central social psychological phenomenon?


What is cultural biological and psychological factors create individual differences?

Sociocultural perspective is a psychological theory which states that individual differences are the result of cultural, biological, and psychological factors. It further states that ethnicity, gender, culture, and socioeconomic status influences behavior and mental processes.