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If a breaker will not stay in the off position it is defective, no matter how you wire it, and needs to be replaced.

there was probably a hot wire in that mess in that box and you just mistied them when you installed the switch are you sure that was a ground and not a hot going somewhere else

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Q: Is a breaker broken or blown if it will not stay in the off position?
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How do you know if the circuit breakers are damaged when an electrical shock just happened?

If the breaker is damaged it will not reset to the on position. It will stay in the tripped position.

How do you get the Peugeot wipers to stay continuosly?

The first position of the wiper stalk on my 306, is the 'intermittent' or auto position. The second is continuous slow, and the top position is continuous fast. If these do not work, then the stalk is broken!

How does a breaker not stay on?

See discuss question below.

Can a motorized lift chair cause a breaker to trip?

A breaker trips because the circuit load has tried to draw more current that the circuit is designed to operate at. You have to establish what the total current draw of the device is. This can be found on the manufactures label. There it will state what the normal amperage draw is for the specific piece of equipment. If the breaker has tripped, look for the cause and rectify the problem before resetting the breaker. If you found the problem and corrected the cause, the breaker will reset and stay in the on position.

What is the difference between a circuit braker and a relay?

A circuit breaker when energized will latch and stay in that position until the load is reduced and manually reset. a relay will change state continuously if the source continuously changes

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make sure the selector switch for the lights in in the right position you may have put it to on accidentally

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Why might a circuit breaker not stay on?

There are two main reasons that a breaker might not reset. One is mechanical failure in the breaker itself. If this is the case the breaker has to be replaced. The other reason that the breaker might not reset is that the breaker is doing its job and still senses an overload when the breaker is switched back on after an overload trip.To check the breaker as to which fault is occurring disconnect the load conductor from the breaker. Try resetting the breaker. If it will not reset then it is a mechanical fault. If the breaker resets with the load conductor off then shut the breaker off, reconnect the load conductor and turn the circuit back on.If it trips this time then there is a fault in the circuit and it has to be located and repaired before the circuit is put back into service. You might need an electrician to troubleshoot the circuit depending on what equipment the circuit controls.

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That is one of many possibilities.

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