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Q: Is a bull shark both a predator or prey?
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Is a shark a preditor or prey?

A shark is both prey and predator

Is a shark a predator or prey?


Is a bull a predator?

No. A bull is a prey animal, not a predator.

What is an example of a predator-prey relationship?

shark and tuna can be considered as predator and prey that shark feeds on other organism and tuna becomes a prey to the sharkoctopus and a crab. the octopus is the predator who eats the prey, the crab

Is a Ganges River Dolphin a predator or prey?

It is a predator. However animals can be both. For example, a sea lion is a predator of fish but a larger fish, a great white shark will prey on sea lions.

Is a shark a predator or a parasite?

a shark is a predator and prey because we aet sharks and a shark eats fish

Is a great white shark a predator or prey?

its is a predator and prey the only thing that eats a shark is a killer whale so therefor it make the great white prey

How do bull shark attack their prey?

Bull sharks bump their prey and then bite them.

Is a puffer fish a prey or predator?

Mainly a predator, except to the tiger shark. Then It would be prey

Is an elephant seal prey or predator?

Both. Elephant seals are the prey of the Great White Shark and the Dolphin. The elephant seal will eat shark, flatfish, ratfish, crab, squid, and octopus!

Is the red tailed black shark a predator or is it prey?

its a predator

How does a bull shark hunt its prey?

Before it attacks its prey, a bull shark head-butts the animal. This head-butting habit, along with its short, blunt snout and grumpy personality, led to its name of "bull" shark.

Is the big blue shark a predator or prey?

a 1000 foot long predator

Is a shark a predator?

To fish it is a predator, but to humans it is a prey. So yes, and no. If the eyes are on the side, it is considered a prey. If the eyes are in the front like humans, it is a predator.

Are chimpanzees prey or predator?

chimpanzees can be both the prey and the predator

Who will win an alligator or a bull shark?

i think a bull shark because alligators eat big prey not sharks

Is a gazelle a prey or a predator?

A gazelle is both prey and predator By faheem

Is a dog a predator or prey?

A dog is both a predator and prey. To cats, a dog can be a predator. To a lion, a dog may be prey.

Is a mollusk a predator or prey?

Both predator and prey as with most animals in this world.

Is a dolphin a predator or prey?

A dolphin is a predator and preydolphins are both

Is a dolphin a prey or a predator?

A dolphin is a predator and preydolphins are both

What are fennec foxes - predator or prey?

Fennecs are both predator as well as prey.

How are sharks and goldfish alike?

a shark is a predator and a goldfish is prey.

What is a praying mantis a predator or a prey?

It is both predator and prey. Predator because it hunts small bugs and prey because birds and such hunt it.

Is a pig a prey predator or both?