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Is a burning sensation while urinating a symptom of pregnancy?


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2006-01-04 10:16:55
2006-01-04 10:16:55

It is more likely an STD or a UTI. More input from others: * I don't think so. It sounds like you could have a urinary track infection or possible STD. You could also have kidney stones I would contact a doctor.


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Irritation, such as burning or itching while urinating or painful urination Amy mean that you have a urinary track infection.

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Clear semen is not a symptom for any STD. Typical symptoms for several kinds of STDs are a discharge from the penis or pain or burning sensation when urinating.

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Yes. Herpes can cause a burning sensation in women when urinating. This is usually caused by the urine running over sores around the genitals that is also another symptom of herpes. The burning can also happen to men.

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