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Yes, absolutely it is more expensive! Collision is the more expensive part of any auto insurance policy.

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No your vehicle is not covered. That is why it is always recommended that you carry comp and collision and uninsured motorist.

No. Auto insurance is just that ... an insurance policy for the automobile, and those who ride in it or drive it. If you have the full permission to drive someone else's car, and they have the proper auto insurance in full effect, then you are covered under their policy. If you are going to be driving their vehicle most of the time, then they need to add your name to the policy.

It depends. Most policies do but some dont. You need to check the Policy document to check if the policy covers overseas accidents/events.

well if you get hurt call an insurance agency like morris bart and you get the money you deserve, but if you dont get hurt the car gets totaled by a tow truck.

No. There is usually a maximum age until which only you can get a life insurance policy. It is usually between 50 to 60. Insurance companies usually dont give policies to people who are aged above 50 years due to the imminent possibility of the policy holder dying of natural causes (age/disease etc)

If you have a policy, then it should. Some coverages will be limited since you do not live there such as personal property.

Yes, You can get a non owners insurance policy with an sr22 certificate for filing or you can be added onto someone Else's auto insurance policy and have the sr22 issued for your state The SR22 is not insurance though, it's a certificate (evidence) for your state as proof that you are now insured to drive after some past violation you had.

you dont have to have umpd coverage if you have full coverage but most of the time on full coverage it has umpd and if you dont have umpd your collision will pay for fixing your vehicle but most of the time there is a higher deductible on collision I know this because i am an insurance agent

If the vehicle has insurance it will cover damage to the other vehicle but not the one you are driving. Now if you have insurance on another vehicle your insurance will cover the damage to the vehicle that you where driving even though it is not on your policy.

In most cases, 30 days, the vehicle will only be covered to the limits of liability that you currently carry on your own policy for the 1st vehicle. For example, if you dont have comprehensive or collision on your current auto, then a new purchase will not have it covered either. Hope that helps. Greg Nice

it usually depends on the company the policy is with. but usually you dont need a signature to change a beneficiary.

Your car finance company will add their own insurance that covers their vehicle, but not your liability. ANd it will significantly increase your payments. It would be so much cheaper and better protection for you to find your own insurance. Park it until you get insurance.

Berkshire Hathaway is a holding company that owns different insurance companies as well as other various companies, or is a major investor in them. Basically their policy is to make money for But I think you where probably refering to an insurance policy, so it would just depend on which insurance company of theirs you are talking about, and even then they dont have just one standard one.

no i can not get insurance and i dont like insurace...

Annual travel insurance is a much better option, even if you don't travel often. Buying insurance each trip is much more costly.

Assuming you had permission to drive the car and you are not an excluded operator on the policy covering the vehicle then coverage should apply per the conditions of the policy.

From a retired California Insurance Broker. The question is not clear as to the issue. When you have a US car insurance policy and you drive a car not owned by the policy holder you are automatically protected as to Liabality unless excluded. Most policy does not exclude such coverage. The phycial damage to the non owned car will not be coverd under your US policy. In commercial auto policy you may add non owned cars but not in personal auto policy. If you have a US auto policy you may decline when renting a car the liabily portion whic is the most expensive. Again check with your Broker to be certain that your policy does not exclude car rental, if not then only accept to buy physical damage only. Some credit card offers Insurance when the rental is charge to the card. A word of caution please call the credit card company and ask them if such insurance covers Liability and physical damage. Car insurance is divided into two major area 1. Liabilty. 2. Physical camage to the car which includes theft. ANSWER Non Owned car policy is also when you dont own a vehicle but you want a policy in force so you dont have a lapse in insurance coveage for when you go and buy a car. This policy is good for when a person is between cars fora period of time.

That will depend on where you live. In Alberta we have private insurance companies and no it is not a part of our job to notify motor vehicles if your policy is cancelled or lapsed. You do need the pink card to renew your registration though.

You don't have any protection without insurance.

The risks associated are that premiums could go down during the term of the policy .The other risk is that the insured does not live to fulfill the policy term. i dont undersand what you are saying

Most insurance companies will allow that, for the ones that dont, simply add your name to the registration and then they would have to do it .

You don't need to have insurance to collect on an insurance policy. Just call their claims department and they will get it started.The only issue is that in some states, such as New York, insurance is mandatory in order to register an automobile and be able to drive it. If you are in such a state, and you file a claim for an accident in which you did not have insurance, you could well be charged for driving without insurance and you would probably lose your license.

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