Is a celery stalk one rib or the whole thing?

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In Celery
The appropriate culinary terminology is "rib" for one piece/stick, and "stalk" for the entire thing/bunch/head. This does not reflect common usage, however, so use caution in interpreting recipes. These terms, however, are not used consistently even by food professionals. "Celery stalk," in American English, is commonly used to mean one piece/rib/stick of celery (in British English, correct me if I'm wrong, it seems more common to say "celery stick"). Also in American English, the whole thing may be referred to as a "bunch of celery." It is sometimes also called a "head" of celery. From my online research (after reading it in an older cookbook) it seems that the correct culinary terminology is "rib" for the single piece/stick, and "stalk" for the whole thing/bunch/head. I was not able to find any botanical terminology describing "rib" and "stalk" (but I'll keep working on it). I would be cautious in interpreting recipes. If the recipe calls for a chopped carrot, a small chopped onion, and a chopped celery stalk... I would go with a rib. Consider the proportion of ingredients when deciding if the author of the recipe meant a rib or the whole bunch. On the other hand, in authoring a recipe, I would choose the more correct term "rib" (which never means the whole bunch) to describe a single piece. The term "bunch" of celery, while maybe not elegant, seems unlikely to cause confusion either. When using the term "stalk," though, it seems prudent to describe exactly what you mean.
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What is a stalk of celery?

A stalk (or some people call it a rib) is one of the long pieces that are attached at the bottom of the head of celery.. U. S. Department of Agriculture grades . What most people call a "bunch of celery," the USDA calls a "stalk;" and what most people call a "stalk of celery," they call a "branc ( Full Answer )

How many grams is one stalk of celery?

Stalks of celery come in many sizes and shapes. Your best bet would be to get a scale and weight the stalk of celery in question your self.

Celery stalk calorie burn?

It is a myth that any food can "burn" calories. In fact, all foods and drinks (except for water) have caloris in them. A celery stalk has about 6 calories in it.

Is there a thing called a floater rib?

Hahahah no. But there are 4 floating ribs (2 each side). These are the bottom of the 12. Their posterior attachment is to T11 and T12 and they have no anterior atachment, they are not connected to the sternum by cartilage.

How many calories in a stalk of celery?

Calories in a stalk of celery Here is the calorie content: . 9 calories in 1 very large stalk of celery (11" to 12" long. . 8 calories in 1 large stalk of celery (9" to 10" long). . 6 calories in 1 medium stalk (about 7" to 8" long). . 2 calories in 1 small stalk of celery (5" long). . Over ( Full Answer )

Is a celery stalk absorbent?

Yes a celery stalk is absorbent becase of the Vessel tissue, Xylem, and the Phloem which are the parts of the stem of the celery stalk where the tubes that carry the water and minirals .

How many stalks of celery makes a head?

There is no set number of stalks.. "A head of celery" is as the way celery is grown, harvested, and sold in much the same way as "a potato" or "an apple" or "a globe artichoke".. A bunch or "head" of celery consists of approximately a dozen or so individual ribs also called stalks.

How much is a stalk versus a rib of celery?

According to what I have read a "stalk" of celery is the whole bunch....a "rib", is one of the many that make up the "stalk" many of the recipes are really wrong when they say "one stalk" would have way too much celery.

Why does a stalk of celery wilt when placed in a glass of salt water?

Because of something called capillary action. Capillary action is the tendency of water to move upward in a capillary or thin tube, it's the same reason as to why when placed in a solution of water and red dye, the celery will turn red as well. The action causes the celery to absorb the salt water i ( Full Answer )

How many calories in one celery stalk?

Calories in one celery stalk . In 1 small stalk of celery (about 5" long) 2 calories . In 1 medium stalk (about 7" to 8" long) 6 calories. . In 1 large stalk of celery (11" to 12" long) 9 calories. F or free vegetable and fruit calorie charts to use as daily guides for either wei ( Full Answer )

Is long stalks the same thing as hairs?

Long stalks can go on for hours or even weeks. Rabbits run faster than hairs but not as quickly as hares, ha..... Good luck with the race....

Are spying and stalking the same thing?

Spying and stalking are similar. People who spy may only do so on occasion, but a stalker seldom gives up. Spying and stalking are both invasions of privacy and anyone caught doing so can cool their heels in jail. Added: If the questioner is using the word "spying" to describe a " Peeping Tom " typ ( Full Answer )

How many cups is a stalk of celery?

7 and 1/16 cups.... Unless it is an afican stalk of celery then it would be just 1. First you need to clarify "stalk of celery". Some people refer to the entire plant as found in the grocery as a stalk. Others refer to one piece broken from the rest as a stalk. The individual pieces of celery that ( Full Answer )

What are the functions of the strings in celery stalks?

I want to eat celery to lower cholesterol, but I don't want to eat the strings. However, I read that the string contains to fiber, so it seems that I need to eat the string----it spoils the rest of the celery!!!!!!!!!!

How many corn on one stalk?

You mean how many cobs of corn on one stalk. That number varies with the cultivar and species of corn. The GMO corn typically has only one cob per plant, while other non-GMO varieties can have up to three or four cobs per plant. Certain exotics (such as the kind that makes "baby corn" like you woul ( Full Answer )

Can it it be more then one person stalking you?

Yes it can be the case when there is more than one person stalking you. You just have to beware and protect yourself. Also accept the fact that there can be more than one person.

How much celery seed equals 1 rib of celery?

One rib of celery would equal about 1/4 tsp. celery seed but, be aware that celery seed does not have the exact same flavor as celery stalk so only use it in a pinch.

How do you stalk some one?

you follow them around and keep tabs on them even when they're sleeping and they don't know that your watching them. i wouldn't suggest stalking someone because you can get in a lot of trouble for it and its just really creepy

Is there such thing as rib cancer?

No there is no such thing, but it is possible to get certain dysfunctions in your ribs. (Broken, bruised, dislocation, etc.)

How much celery salt in a stalk of celery?

Usually there is 60% salt in a stalk of celery. It depends how big the stalk of celery is, Which usually there is 70 to 75 percent salt in big stalks of celery.

How many calories in one stick of celery?

There are: . 9 calories in one large stalk of celery (11" to 12 " long) . 6 calories in one medium stalk (7" to 8" long) . 2 calories in one small stalk of celery ( 5" long) .

What place a wilted celery stalk in a glass of water?

If you place a stock of celery into a glass of water it will absorb some of the water and become stiff again because celery is mostly water and when it gets older the water starts to leave the stock and it wilts

How many cups to 1 and a half celery stalks?

Have you noticed celery comes in a variety of sizes . How would we know if you are looking a t large or small celery, with a weight differential of 2-4 oz.

Do hamster like celery cut up or whole?

Yes...this should be an OK diet for your hamster. Do not treat the celery like an every day diet though. I am not sure this will be good for your hamster. So do not feed him/ her celery every single day of her hamster life.

Can you use celery salt instead of celery stalk?

The texture of celery salt is completely different from that of celery stalk. Your tuna salad needs the stalk, finely chopped, to give it a more complex texture.

What are some good ways to get kids to eat celery stalks?

There are various ways to get kids to eat celery stalks. Some of the ways to get kids to eat celery stalks include simply introducing them to this food early in life or offering them with peanut butter or another topping that might taste good.

Where can one find celery nutrition facts?

One can find celery nutritional information from the following sources: Nutrition Data, Weight loss resources, My Fitness Pal, Just Lose it, Calories Count, to name a few.