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Q: Is a cheese solid or liquid or gase?
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Is an airplane a solid liquid or gas?


How can liquid solid and gas helpful to people?

Because everything around us is either a Solid,Liquid or a Gase.

Is cheese a solid liquid gas?

Cheese is a solid.

Is cottage cheese a solid or a liquid?

Cottage cheese is a solid, sometimes as a paste.

Is melted cheese a solid or a liquid?

Melted cheese is a liquid,i dunno why but,once i searched this question,i looked at a question, it saidIs cheese solid or liquid and then i looked at the bottom of that question,it said:It depends; Melted cheese is a liquid... so i posted the question and i answerd it like this...

Is cheese a solid liquid or a gas?

It is a solid.

Is cheese liquid or solid?

Cheese can be both; it depends on which form it is in. Melted cheese is a liquid; regular old cheese (i.e. the kind that comes in block form) is a solid.

Is a cheese liquid gas or solid?

Cheese is usually solid, except when used in cooking, or melted on toast in a semi-liquid state.

Is cheese liquid or gas?

Cheese is neither liquid nor gas. It is considered a solid.

Is cottage cheese a solid a liquid or a gas?

It is a solid

Is cheese a liquid a gas or a solid?

Heese is a solid

Would mac and cheese be a semi solid food?

Mac and cheese is a solid food. The sauce is liquid, but starchy. The solid is of course the mac and cheese.

Why is cheese a solid?

If it wasn't a solid, it couldn't hold shape or form. Unless, you warm it up into a liquid into melted cheese.

What is the difference between milk and cheese?

They are both dairy products however, milk is a liquid and cheese is a solid.

Is melting of cheese a physical change?

yes, melting is a physical change. You are turning a solid (cheese) into a liquid.

Example of liquid in solid?

It could be butter, cheese, jelly,etc.

What is a list of solid food?

Solid food is any food that is not liquid or semi-liquid: bread, meat, fruit, vegetables, eggs, cheese.

Is cream cheese a liquid or a solid?

Technically it is liquid, it does not have a definite shape, but it takes up a definite amount of space.

How particle are arranged in a solid liquid and gas?

cheese sticks that's what happens

Is cheese a colloid?

yes. cheese is a colloid. its dispersed phase is liquid and solid is its dispersed medium. belongs to the gel colloidal system.

Is cheddar cheese a liquid?

before it hardens yes, but the one that's in your fridge is a solid

Is a banana a gas liquid or solid?

A solid.

Why is cheese cloth called cheese cloth?

It used to be the kind of cloth people used to wrap cheese in. It is also used in making cheese by putting the cheese cultures in it and using the cloth to strain the liquid from the solid.

Is wool a gas liquid or solid?

Wool is a solid.

What is the name when a solid is dispersed in a liquid?

It is called an emulsion.See the Web Links to the left for more information about emulsions.A solid dispersed in a liquid or a solid is called Sol which gives a more rigid solution.examples:solid in liquid>> blood plasma,latex paint,gelatinsolid in solid >>cement,pearlEmulsion is the dispersion of liquid into solid or liquid.examples:liquid in liquid>>hand lotionliquid in solid>>cheese butter