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The Chinese Shar-Pei shares this trait as well. I'd like to add that other breeds will show pigment spots, though perhaps not a fully black tongue. The Rottweiler is one that comes to mind.

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Yes, the Chow Chows tongue is black but is a mystery as to why. My name is Alex and i am 11 years old, you may not believe me but this is accurate information.

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No,labs have normal,pink canine tongues.

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Q: Is a chow a dog with a blue tongue?
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Which dog has blue tongue?


What is the only dog that has a wholly blue or a black tongue?

The Chow Chow is the most well know purebred dog with a wholly black or blue tongue, but the chow is not the only breed with a black tongue. The Chinese Shar Pei also has a blue/black tongue.

What the name of the dog that has a blue tung?

Are you asking about the breed of dog that has blue TONGUE? If so, the breeds Chow chow and Chinese Sharpei have blue tongues.

What 2 dog breeds have a blue tongue?

1 is a chow chow and the other is a bull mastiff your welcome

If your mixed breed dog has blue spots on her tongue mean she might be part chow chow?

probibly my puppy has spots on its tongue and shes part chow and shes fluffy

What color tongues do chow cHows have?

Chow chows tongues are blue/purple. You should search some pictures of them.

Which dog does not have a pink tongue?

Some dog breeds actually have black (or blue) tongues and gums. Ask your vet if the coloration in your dog is normal or not.

What is the only dog without a pink tongue?

chow chow

What dog breeds have blue tongue?

There are breeds that have Blue or Black tongues. Chow Chow and Shar Pei are the dogs that genetically have blue/black tongues. There is a disease called Blue tongue disease which only affects hoofed animals and does not affect dogs. But if you are referring to the dog's tongue turning blue because lack of oxygen circulating through the body this is called Cyanosis. This is very serious and the dog would need to see a vet right away to be put on oxygen and then for diagnoses to be run to find out the cause so it may be treated. Please see Related Links for more information.

What is a kind of dog with a blue tongue also another word for food and change the last letter on chop?

A chow chow? :{

What dog breeds has a blue tipped tongue?

The Chinese chow-chow and the akita have black, bluish, or blue-black tongues, as do chow or akita crosses. There may be others as well. Some dogs that have a history of black dogs in their breeding, such as Golden Retrievers, have dark spots on their tongues.

What animals have a blue tongue?

If blue spots appear on the dog's tongue i recommend to directly contact your vet. Chow-chows, and mixes of this and a few other breeds have these naturally. If they have always had them , I wouldn't be too concerned, just mention it at your next Vet visit.If the spots are growing noticeably, or are a recent development, by all means , go to the Vet ASAP.