Is a cigar case different from a cigar humidor?


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Yes. A cigar case is often a humidor, but not necessarily. There are temporary protective cases for transporting cigars, but they are not meant for long term storage. Humidors are temperature and humidity-controlled, for long-term storage.

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Both, I work at a cigar and tobacco shop. We have a huge cigar case with a humidor. A humidor keeps them fresh, wrapper, or not-just throw them in:-)

The Thompson Cigar Company in Florida has the largest humidor in the US .

Cigar humidor comes with enough temperature and humidity to keep your cigar taste alive and fresh. Instead of putting up cigar in another box... get one affordable cigar humidor

dear ,keep your cigar in the humidor!

Cigar accessories could include a humidor to store your cigars , a variety of cigar-cutters , a lighter specifically designed for lighting a cigar and a case to carry a few cigars .

No , the antifreeze contains chemicals that would contaminate the cigars and the humidor .

Yes they do. They are no different than any other cigar. If you see them in a display outside of a humidor, more than likely they will not be worth the purchase price.

Minors are allowed in the shop with an adult, not in the walk in humidor though.

I suppose that isopropyl alcohol evaporates too quickly.

The Cigar Lounge address is 6840 Virginia Parkway, McKinney, Texas 75071. Their phone number is (972) 540-5807. This lounge has been open since 2003 and is a popular cigar lounge and humidor in Texas.

Get rid of the dial. Trust the digital hygrometer. If you have a large humidor get two.

Throw away the directions that come with the humidor. Use the gel or beads. Do NOT use a dial hygrometer. Get a digital hygrometer. Leave it a couple days with no cigars. You are now good to go. This method will save you ALOT of pain. If you have a large humidor get one of the electric units that self regulate and double check it with your digital hygrometer.

As long as you put propylene glycol in it or there's PG already in your humidifier, club soda would be okay.

Opinions do differ but most people leave the wrapper on until it's time to smoke the cigar. It helps to protect & keep it clean, it has no effect on maintaining humidity.

You might try leaving the humidor open for a long time... months. Then give the wood a light sanding and close the box for a couple of weeks with a humidification source. See if you detect a odor. If so, you will have to use the box for another purpose. The problem is the cedar inside the humidor is porous and designed to absorb from it's surroundings. With the prices the way they are, You need the best storage device available to you. - - - - - You really CAN'T remove the burnt cigar smell. If you like saving half-smoked cigars to finish at another time, get a new humidor for unsmoked cigars, and use this one for the half-smoked ones.

The company Cigar International sell cigars, samplers, humidors, pipes, lighters, cutters, ash trays, apparels, humidor accessories, gift wrapping paper, smoker mints, hats and bags.

Cigars are stored in containers called "humidors". ---- Some individuals create a homemade humidor out of a tupperware or insulated cooler. These are called "Tupperdors or Coolerdors"

No. Let it dry over a long period of time in your humidor. If it starts to mold, toss it. Do not let it ruin other good smokes.

My grandfather kept his cigars in a humidor.

Nine cubic feet? Wow. Are you building this humidor yourself?If I was building a humidor that big, I would get about two square feet of the foam florists use to arrange fresh flowers in and cut it into chunks. Soak each one in 50/50 propylene glycol and distilled water, and place them in various positions in the humidor. This will help the humidity get into the atmosphere of the box evenly.

Opinions vary on this subject among the avid smokers. I believe the majority of people leave the wrapper on until time to light it. The wrapper does not stop humidity from entering or leaving the cigar. It protects it and keeps dust off it.

Cigarette-case , carton , pack , humidor , flip-top box .

Tony Soprano smokes: C.A.O. Sopranos L.E. HumidorTony Sopranos Signiture Series Limited Edition 150 capacity humidor that comes with 48 of the Tony Sopranos Signiture Series Cigars[ Ring Size: 60 Length: 6 1/2 ] from NicaraguaTHIS IS A RARE HUMIDOR FILLED WITH RARE CIGARS....very limited edition....we have only 2 of these to sell...the Soprano Signiture Humidor is a high gloss black humidor that comes with 48 of the rare Signiture Series Super Toro size .....6 1/2 by 60!!!!

It's pretty popular in the cigar community to convert their wine coolers into humidors over the summer, especially if the area they're living in gets into high temperatures. Temperatures inside the wine cooler should be kept around 65ºF or so, and a thermoelectric unit is suggested to be used if you're changing the wine cooler into a cigar humidor. Some good options are Avanti Wine Coolers:

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