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No, a clydestale is a draft horse.

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What type of blood does a horse have?

as in warm blooded or cold blooded, a horse is a mammal which means they are warm blooded.

Is a horse cold blooded or warm blooded?

since a horse is a mammal, and all mammals are warm-blooded, a horse is warm-blooded. Lizards, for example, are cold-blooded, that's why they lay in the sun all day. to warm up their body temperature.

What kind of horse is a Clydesdale?

a clydesdale is a draft horse

Is the donkey warm or cold blooded?

The donkey is a warm blooded animal and not cold blooded. The donkey belongs to the horse family and is found throughout the world.

What is the difference between a warm blooded and cold blooded horses?

In the zoologic/biologic sense, all horses are warm-blooded or endothermic. However, horse owners have historically recognized three types of horses: "hot blooded", "warm blooded" and "cold blooded" based upon the old system of equating the heat of the blood with temperament. A "hot blooded" horse was an excitable and active horse breed such as Arabians and Barbs. A "cold blooded" horse was a solid, quiet horse breed such as Friesans, Clydesdales and other draft-horse breeds. A "warm blooded" horse was the offspring of a cross between a "hot blooded" and a "cold blooded" horse, and was developed as the favored mount of a knight in armor as these horses had the size and stamina to carry an armored knight but picked up some of the speed and flexibility of the Arabian crossed into them. Currently, "warm blooded" horses account for most breeds in the world, ranging from the American Quarter Horse to the Thoroughbred. However, there is also a specific breed of horse called the Warmblood.

Are Quarter Horses warm or hot blooded?

Your typical Quarter Horse is only warm blooded being a male. At certain times of the year however the Quarter Horse Stallion can be said to be Hot Blooded.

What does it mean when a horse is cold blooded?

Horses like:ShiresClydesdaleFriesianAlbanianAmerican Cream DraftArdennesArgentine CriolloBalearicBan-eiBashkirAnd more, there not cold blooded they just say that because the horses are so big and strong they just call them cold blooded but there really warm blooded

Are horse warm blood or cold blood?

Since horses are mammals, they are warm-blooded.

Are birds cold blooded or warm blooded?

warm bloodedWarm bloodedwarm blooded

Is a sea horse warm or cold blooded?

it either or depends what kind.

Is a jaguar warm or cold blooded?

It's a mammal so Warm bloodedA jaguar is a mammal, therefore warm-blooded.warm blooded animals

Are leopards warm-blooded or cold blooded?

Warm blooded. They are mammals, which feed breast milk. All mammals are warm blooded.

Are deer warm or cold blooded?

Warm bloodedwarm blooded

Is an elephant warm or cold blooded?

Elephants are mammals and are warm blooded.

What type of animal is a clydesdale?

A clydesdale is a heavy draught horse.

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