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yes it is

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2013-01-10 17:19:05
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Q: Is a comma a valid format symbol in Microsoft Excel?
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What is a valid format symbol?


What does ctrl comma do in Microsoft Excel?

Ctrl-comma does not do anything in Excel. Ctrl ' copies from the cell above and Ctrl `switches to and from the formula view.

How do you convert a ms Works database file to a Microsoft Excel file?

Export the MS Works database file in a comma-delimited format, save the file, then import the file into MS Excel.

How do atomaticly put commas in an excel?

Format cells to comma style.

In excel What separates numbers with commas every 3 spaces?

The Comma format.

What is a number format in Excel that inserts thousand comma separators where appropriate?

Format | Format Cell | Number Tab | Number -- Click box in front of "Use 1000 Separator" >> In Excel this type of format is known as "accounting number format"

What excel number format inserts thousand comma separators?

There is a format which is called Number, which gives you the option of having the thousand separators.

How do you export data from a Dos ver 5 database to Excel?

A good way is to export from a database is to save as CSV format (or some sort of comma-delimited text format), then open Excel and import the file into Excel.

What format in Excel displays numbers with fixed dollar sign to the left of the number and a comma every three positions?

Format > Cells > Currency

Can VCard data be imported into Excel?

Yes. You need to export it from your email or contacts program to a Comma Separated Value format, which Excel can then open directly.

What Excel number format inserts thousand comma separators fixed dollar sign leaves small space for negative numbers?

The Accounting format.

What effect does the comma style format have on the selected cells for Excel?

The comma style will format numbers with two decimal places and insert commas as thousand separators. So if you had a number like 3455679 in a cell and formatted it as comma style, it would come up as:3,455,679.00

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