Is a computer a physical system or a conceptual system or both?

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A computer is a physical system which works on conceptual basics. so you can say it's both.
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How does a physical system differ from a conceptual system?

Physical vs. Conceptual System . In physics the word system has a technical meaning, namely, it is the portion of the physical universe chosen for analysis. Everythin

What distinguishes a physical system from a conceptual system?

A conceptual system is a system of non-tangible (or non-physical) objects, such as ideas or concepts. It is an abstract idea. It may be represented in language or symbology,

What are advantages of conceptual system over the real system?

Conceptual systems do not involve the expense or effort of implementation. Conceptual systems are good for stimulating debate with out the need for a physical example. Con

How Computer system restricts physical development?

\nSee as we know that too much of working on computers restricts our physical development.As we work all day,we may suffer from various problems such as Chronic backache,Eye i
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Why computer systems have both backing storage and ram?

RAM - is fast, temporary memory. A hard-drive is slower, butpermanent. It's quicker for a computer to 'load' data into RAM,than to leave it on the hard-drive. Aditionally, all
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Why do computer systems have both ram and rom?

RAM is non-persistent memory and data stored is lost after apowercycle. In order to put some useful data there, such as aprogram to load the operating system from the hard dis