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Legally it is counted as one if of the same nature and the conviction is on the same day.Even if charges are not the same date.

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Q: Is a concurrent sentence counted as 2 convictions?
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What is a concurrent session?

Concurrent session (or sentence) means 2 different sessions (or sentences) that will run at the exact same time.

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What is the difference between a consecutive sentence and a concurrent sentence in criminal cases?

If you are convicted of more than one offense, concurrent sentences run together with a max of the longest sentence. Consecutive sentences run one after the other. For example, say that you are convicted of three crimes with sentences of 5, 3, and 2 years. If the sentences are run concurrently, you would get out in 5 years less good time. If the sentences run consecutively, you would get out in 10 years (5+3+2) less good time. Eligibility for parole are treated the same. Consecutive means the years follow each other or are added on to the sentence. Concurrent means the years are served at the same time.

What is the average amount of time spent in federal prison for marijuana offenses?

Federal sentencing acknowledges not only the amount of marijuana, but also past convictions. Low-level offenses, even with many prior convictions, may end up with probation for the entire sentence of 1 - 12 months, and no jail time required. Possession of over 1 kg of marijuana with no prior convictions carries a sentence of 6 - 12 months with a possibility of probation and alternative sentencing. Over 2.5 kg with no criminal record carries a sentence of at least 6 months in jail; with multiple prior convictions, a sentence might be up to 2 years to 3 years in jail with no chance for probation.

Explain what is meant by a concurrent vectors?

A vector has 2 components - it's magnitude and direction. Concurrent vectors are 2 vectors that have the same direction but may have different magnitudes.

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2 dwi s in 2 years 2 different states can they find out about each other?

Yes. All states have a sharing agreement with their DMV records and court convictions for traffic offenses and reciprocally honor each others convictions. If it hasn't by now, it will catch up with you.

2 fl cases running concurrent if you appeal one of them can the judge change the sentence to consecutive?

Yes. If you have 2 sentences running concurrently (at the same time) and you choose to appeal one of them, it automatically seperates the two of them, back into 2 separate decisions (i.e.: Two 5 year sentences running concurrently would then become one 5 years sentence, and one 5 year sentence under appeal) If you lost the appeal, they MIGHT be joined towgether again (you certainly wouldn't get MORE time) but on the other hand if the appealed sentence won, and was shortened to (for example) 2 years, the other sentence would not automatically be shortened to 2 years also.

What is the difference between consecutive and concurrent sentence in terms of prison time?

Consecutive sentences run one after the other (e.g.: 2 10 year sentences to run consecutively would equal 20 years in prison. Concurrent sentences run at the same time (e.g.: 2 ten years sentences running concurrently would equal a total of 10 years to be served (i.e.: you would be serving both sentences at the same time.)

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