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yes, because you can connect with other tamagotchis

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Q: Is a connection with another person?
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A relatonship can be damaged by?

a connection with another person

A connection with another person is called a?


What is love really?

A close connection you feel to another person

What does linked mean?

linked means that connection of person's feeling towards another.

How can one get acquainted with another person?

Getting acquainted with another person simply implies that one is meeting and/or getting to know another person. Meeting someone generally starts with an introduction. Getting to know someone may be a longer process than newly meeting someone, but can be achieved by making a connection and keeping that connection going. In essence, getting acquainted with another person can involve, but isn't limited to: saying "hello", introducing oneself, being friendly, asking them about themselves, telling them about oneself, and keeping the connection going by phone, text, meeting in person, or meeting online through social media.

What is the connection of love and happiness?

Real love is caring about the happiness of another person without any thought or concern for themselves.

Can black mold cause shingles?

me and another person both got shingles when cleaning mold in a basement. doctors say no but there was obviously a connection.

What does a remote desktop connection download allow a person to do?

A remote desktop connection download allows someone to access your computer from another location. This typically is used by a company to allow a technician to fix your computer.

Is a connection from one page to another?

A link is the most common connection from one webpage to another.

Where can one find a neutral connection point?

A person can find a neutral connection point is testing the continuity of every neutral connection. This technique will enable a person to find a bad connection point.

What is the meaning of contact?

Contact can be either a noun or a verb. In the noun form, it means "the act of touching; to have a surface adjacent to another surface; a connection"; when used in business or social contexts, it means "a person with whom you have made a connection; someone you can reach out to". In the verb form, it means "to touch; to form a connection".

How can you tell the difference between a friendship and a romantic connection?

A friendship contains no romantic feelings. When you are friends with someone you laugh, discuss matters and confess your feelings. You do things together and enjoy one anothers company. A romantic connection means you want to be with this person and this person wants to be with you. You want to hold one another, kiss, and so forth. A romantic connection means there is something about this person that drives you absolutely crazy, and vice versa, and you want to be together all the time.

How do you prove that Islam is the right religion?

It is impossible to "prove" that any religion is the right religion. What is "right" for one person might not be for another person. Religion is a matter of the heart's connection with God and there are many paths.

What is another word for liaisons?

Connection is another word.

Do you need wifi for ooVoo on iPhone 4?

Yes. Or just just basic Internet connection. And a front or back facing camera to ooVoo with another person.

What is tha meaning of connection?

The act of connecting, or the state of being connected; junction; union; alliance; relationship., That which connects or joins together; bond; tie., A relation; esp. a person connected with another by marriage rather than by blood; -- used in a loose and indefinite, and sometimes a comprehensive, sense., The persons or things that are connected; as, a business connection; the Methodist connection.

What is a back-to-back connection?

In telecommunications, a back-to-back connection is the direct connection of the output of one telecommunications device to the input of another.

Is relation abstract noun?

The noun 'relation' is an abstract noun as a word for the connection or relevance of one person or thing to another; a word for a concept.The noun 'relation' is a concrete noun as a word for a someone connected by blood or marriage to another; a word for a person.

Could you look at another persons computer screen with a wireless connection?

Yes, you can. Wireless connection is not different from wired connection in a sense of functionality.

Is there any application form for new connection of Cesc limited?

I have a connection and a meter in my premises, whether may I allow to get another connection and a meter in the same premises ?

Another word for connection?


Can you download things on an iPod touch while another person is playing on Xbox live using a wireless network?

Yes, but it depends entirely on how much bandwidth you have (how fast your Internet connection is). The faster your connection, the less slowdown you'll notice on either end.

What connection space between the dendrite of one cell and the axon of another cell is called?

axonic connection

What do you call a dog that sticks by your side?

Bonded. Any animal or even a person will bond to another because of an emotional connection, often or usually because it's the first one that is satisfying.

What is another phrase for a stalker?

the pathological ANONYMOUS follower and tab-keeper of another person or persons (A detective who has not been hired and has no real reason to follow someone). The old definition also would say that a 'stalker' often has an imaginary connection with the stalkee.