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yes, because you can connect with other tamagotchis


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A close connection you feel to another person

A link is the most common connection from one webpage to another.

Real love is caring about the happiness of another person without any thought or concern for themselves.

Connection is another word.

me and another person both got shingles when cleaning mold in a basement. doctors say no but there was obviously a connection.

The noun 'relation' is an abstract noun as a word for the connection or relevance of one person or thing to another; a word for a concept.The noun 'relation' is a concrete noun as a word for a someone connected by blood or marriage to another; a word for a person.

Contact can be either a noun or a verb. In the noun form, it means "the act of touching; to have a surface adjacent to another surface; a connection"; when used in business or social contexts, it means "a person with whom you have made a connection; someone you can reach out to". In the verb form, it means "to touch; to form a connection".

It is impossible to "prove" that any religion is the right religion. What is "right" for one person might not be for another person. Religion is a matter of the heart's connection with God and there are many paths.

Yes, you can. Wireless connection is not different from wired connection in a sense of functionality.

Yes. Or just just basic Internet connection. And a front or back facing camera to ooVoo with another person.

The Host is the person with the best connection so that everyone in the lobby has a good connection

It usually refers to your internet connection.The word connection refers to how a person, thing, or idea is linked or associated with something or someone else.

when you have a connection with the audience or the person that you are dancing with

A friendship contains no romantic feelings. When you are friends with someone you laugh, discuss matters and confess your feelings. You do things together and enjoy one anothers company. A romantic connection means you want to be with this person and this person wants to be with you. You want to hold one another, kiss, and so forth. A romantic connection means there is something about this person that drives you absolutely crazy, and vice versa, and you want to be together all the time.

Yes, but it depends entirely on how much bandwidth you have (how fast your Internet connection is). The faster your connection, the less slowdown you'll notice on either end.

An encrypted connection means that the connection is secure. The information sent from one place to another was encrypted to stop a hacker from knowing what was sent.

we can connect number of elements in the series connection in the series connection one element of positive terminal is connected to the negative terminal of another element.this is the way of series connection in a circuit.

When you feel that you have a strong connection with the person and that person does too. You will know when this time is.

Connection Conversion Transformation Parallel

kinship, connection or coexistence, are a few.

crossroads, intersection, connection, joint

another word for the qualities of a person is the traits of a person or the vitues of a person

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