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All 1983 cents were minted on zinc planchets coated with a thin layer of copper. The last solid copper cents were minted in mid-1982, and there are no reports of any copper blanks accidentally being mixed with the zinc ones in later years.

Bottom line: as far as anyone knows, there was no repetition of the accident that allowed some copper cents to be minted back in 1943.

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Q: Is a copper penny of 1983 a valuable coin?
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Why does a penny turn green?

The penny has copper in it. Copper reacts to the oxygen in the air by producing copper oxide therefore turning green. The older the coin, the more copper in the coin.

What 1983 copper pennies are rare?

To the best of my knowledge, the only valuable 1983 cents are those with a small overdate in the "83", but generally only if the coin is uncirculated or almost uncirculated.

What coin is made out of copper?

The penny is made out of copper.

What is the least valuable US coin?


What U.S coin is made out of copper?

The penny is made partly of copper.

Miss stamped penny?

A miss-stamped penny may be very valuable, especially if it is in excellent condition. Such a coin can be worth hundreds of dollars, depending on condition, year, and the nature of the error. Not all such coins are valuable, and typically it takes a coin expert to determine if a particular coin is valuable or not.

Is a penny iron?

no a penny is copper... Actually not since 1982.... In the middle of that year the rising price of copper forced the Mint to change the coin's composition to zinc with a thin copper plating. The copper plating is only 2.5% of the coin's composition.

1991 5 cent coin stamped on a copper?

i have a 1991 5 cent coin printed on a copper(penny

1943 copper wheatback penny with no mint mark what is it worth?

you have a 1943 penny that looks like it is made out of copper, this is how you can authenticate it to tell if it is a genuine 1943 copper penny, or a fake 1943 copper penny. But first of all, be aware that the 1943 penny was issued in zinc-coated steel, because the USA needed copper for the war effort. Any genuine 1943 copper pennies are extremely rare mint errors. Learn more about your silver colored 1943 Steel Penny. The easiest way to tell if your 1943 copper cent is merely a copper-plated steel penny is to test it with a magnet. If the magnet sticks to the penny, it's made of steel which has been dipped or plated in copper. Such a penny is worth about 15 cents as a novelty item. If your 1943 copper colored penny doesn't stick to a magnet, then look at the date carefully (using a magnifying glass, if possible.) If the tail of the 3 doesn't extend well below the "line" of numbers, it is probably a cut-in-half 8. A very common fraud involving the copper 1943 cent is to cut away part of the 8 in the date of a 1948 penny. If the 3 in your date looks like half of an 8, your coin is not a genuine 1943 copper penny. Any time you have a potentially valuable coin, it's always a good idea to take it to a qualified coin dealer for a professional opinion. Most dealers do not charge to have a look at your coins and give you an informal verbal appraisal. More Coins Quick Tips Coin Values Guide

How much is a copper coin?

A Copper is a term used for a penny because pennies were made out of Copper

What was the last year of the copper penny?

US Coins the last year for a copper (actually bronze) penny is 1982. In 1982 the penny was made as a copper coin and a copper plated zinc coin. You have to weigh them to tell the difference. Bronze cents weigh 3.11 gm and zinc ones weigh 2.5 gm. The penny has remained a copper plated zinc since 1982 however there is talk of changing it again to a copper plated steel coin. In 1943 the Lincoln US cent was steel coated with zinc because the copper was needed for ammunition during the War. In 1944 it went back the copper coin. Today the cost of copper is too high to make a solid copper coin/penny. In fact the cost of stamping/minting the coins and raw materials, the penny and nickel cost more to produce than their face value.

What is the most valuable penny?

The highest know price ever paid for a 1 cent coin is 1.7 Million dollars for the only known example of a 1943-D copper Lincoln cent.

What is 1863 US penny made of?

The coin has a composition of .880 copper & .120 nickel, so it's a copper-nickel coin.

What is the most valuable us penny?

The highest know price ever paid for a 1 cent coin is 1.7 Million dollars for the only known example of a 1943-D copper Lincoln cent.

What is the most expensive coin ever?

1943 copper penny

When did copper pennies become magnetic?

The only U.S. coin that is magnetic is the 1943 steel penny. The penny was made out of steel rather than copper because of the shortage of copper for WW2.

What does the slope of a mass copper penny versus the volume tell you about copper pennies?

It tells you the quality of the copper. for example what percentage of the coin is copper

What is Australias most valuable coin?

As far as collector value on general circulation coins is concerned, the 1930 Penny would easily be Australias most valuable collectible coin.

I have a 1939 us cent that appears to be dipped in zinc or silver. It looks like a silver coin but you can see copper on the edge. Is it an error coin.?

It is a normal wheat penny made of copper. The only year wheat pennies were not copper is 1943 which is a zinc-plated steel penny.

What is the value of a 1943 pure copper penny?

There is no such coin. The US mint does not a coin out of only one metal.

What acid will restore dates on copper coins?

If the coin is a valuable coin you shouldn't use anything acid or cleaner on it you will devalue the coin

The comparison of the number of atoms in a copper coin the size of a penny with the number of people on Earth is made to illustrate what?

that in a copper penny there is one atom for every person on earth.

Are coins with 75 percent copper valuable?

Coins with any copper content may or may not be valuable depending on the country of origin, year of minting, denomination, condition and rarity of the coin, not because of the copper content.

When did they stop making pennies with copper?

US Pennies were made of 95% copper (with the exception of the 1943 steel cent) from 1864-1982. Midway through 1982, the cent switched to copper plated zinc. So any penny dated 1983-present is just copper plated zinc. However a coin dated 1982 could either be 95% copper or copper plated zinc. A copper coin should weigh about 3.11 grams while the zinc pennies are lighter at about 2.5 grams.

Is the 1983 OLYMPIAD coin a valuable coin?

Silver is above $35 an ounce, so at least $37.