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The meaning is very close. A coroner is a public official who performs autopsies. It is also possible for other doctors to perform them, although that would be unusual.

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Q: Is a coroners report the same as a autopsy report?
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Why is the medical examiner or forensic pathologist doing the autopsy and not the coroner?

the coroners can do the autopsy but it's more common for the Pathologist or Examiner to do them because they are more educated!!! I LOVE FORENSIC PATHOLOGY!!!

How do you get a coroners report?

Call the coroner's office and ask if you can get a copy.

Where find the anne pressly autopsy report?

You're sick. Make sure someone posts your autopsy report online.

How do you find the cause of death for a person in Texas?

look on the coroners report

Was there an autopsy report for Jim Reeves?

as far as can be researched, there was nothing left to autopsy

What is included in an autopsy report?

The autopsy report always includes a determination of the cause and manner of death. The report also may include the results of any independent testing that was done.

Standard length of time for autopsy report by medical examiner?

what is the standard length of time for autopsy

Who performs an autopsy?

An autopsy, which examines the body of a deceased person (or sometimes an animal) is done by a specialized doctor called a pathologist.The local officials who do autopsies and similar work are called coroners, and doctors on their staffs are called medical examiners (ME's).

What does an autopsy report look like?

Autopsy reports are type-out pages usually consisting of about 3 pages. The report starts out with a summary and then goes into details of the person.

Marilyn monroe's autopsy report?

You can read the full report here:

Was Michael Jackson in bad health?

According to the autopsy report ( which you can find on google by searching: " Michael Jackson Autopsy Report" ) it says that Jackson was in good health. And died of Acute Propofal Intoxication.

As a sister do you have the right to receive information regarding your sisters autopsy report and toxicology report?

Since you are her family, yes you do.