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i beleve a deca gram is 10 times one gram

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What is bigger a decagram or a milligram?

A decagram.

Is a kilogram bigger or smaller than a gram?

a kilogram is bigger than a gram

What weighs a decagram?

DecagramOne decagram is 10 grams, one decigram is 1/10 gram One hectogram is 100 gram, one centigram is 1/100 gramOne kilogram is 1000 gram, one milligram is 1/1000 gram* * * * *Pedantic correction:Nothing can weigh a decagram because a decagram is a unit for measuring mass, not weight. Mass is NOT the same as weight.

How many times larger than a centigram is a decagram?

a decagram is 10grams. a centigram is 1/100 of a gram, so a decagram is 1000 times a centigram. not to be confused with decigram (1/10 of a gram)

How many grams is a decagram?

But 1 gram = 0.1 decagrams. 10 grams = 1 Decagram

Is a decagram larger than a gram?


Is a milligram bigger than a gram?

no its smaller

How many milligrams are in a decagram?

There are 1000 milligrams in one gram. There are 10 grams in a decagram. Therefore, one decagram is equal to 10 x 1000 = 10000 milligrams.

Is mg bigger that g and how much bigger?

No, a milligram is 1000 times smaller than a gram

What are the prefixes of grams?

Kilogram Hectogram Decagram Gram deciagram centigram millagram

1 decagram is equals to how many grams?

1/10 gram

How many decagrams in a gram?

There are 10 grams in one decagram. Therefore, 1 gram is equal to 1/10 = 0.1 decagrams.

What comes before grams?

Decagram if going from larger unit to smaller unit, and decigram if from smaller to larger.

Which is bigger a gram or a micorgram?

a gram is like 106 or something bigger than a microgram. gram is way bigger.

A decigram equals how many grams?

A decigram is 1/10 of a gram. However a Decagram is 10 grams.

What is smaller a gram or a kilogram?

a gram is smaller.

Is a gram bigger than a milligram?

Yes, a gram is bigger than a milligram. 1 gram is 1000mg

Which is bigger a gram or mg?


Which is bigger centigram or gram?


Is 54 milligrams bigger than 540 grams?

No. Gram is already 1000 times bigger, so 54mg is 10,000 times smaller than 540g

What is the comes first kilogram hecagram decagram then gram etc?

In SI measurements, a whole has no prefix. Getting smaller progressively from the whole, the prefixes go: deci-, centi-, milli-, micro-, nano-, pico-. Getting progressively bigger from the whole, the prefixes go: deca-, hecto-, kilo-, mega-, giga-, tera-. So gram comes first as it is the unit. The others are just multiples of this unit to make the numbers easier.

What is the abbreviation for decagram?

One decagram is equal to ten grams. The abbreviation for decagram is dag.

Is a kilogram bigger than gram?

yes kilogram is bigger than gram

Which is bigger gram or pound?

A pound is much heavier (or bigger) than a gram.

How long is decagram?

A decagram is a measure of mass and has no linear measure. That is to say, a decagram cannot have a length.

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