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Is a dime on one side and a penny on the other side of same coin real?

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It's "real," but it isn't a Mint-manufactured coin. This is a magician's coin made from two legal-tender coins after they were issued for circulation.

No. It's manufactured for magicians.

2015-07-16 18:15:08
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Q: Is a dime on one side and a penny on the other side of same coin real?
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1939 mercury dime with a penny back is it real and if so how much is it worth?

no its a magician coin should have a thin cover for otherside

How much is a coin that is the back of a dime on one side and the back of a penny on the other worth?

Eleven Cents. This is another version of the magician's coin made by milling two real coins and gluing them together. It sinks to the lowest common denominator: the penny! These magician's coins generally sell for a few dollars apiece -- as a novelty item.

Who is on the 1845 us penny?

Miss Liberty is depicted on the coin, she is not a real person.

Who is on the face of the 1818 US penny?

Miss Liberty is on that coin and she is not a REAL person

Who was first on the penny?

The first real person to be on a circulating coin was A. Lincoln in 1909.

Was Benjamin Franklin on the 10 cent coin?

No never, the first and only real person to be on the dime is Roosevelt.

What is Penny's real name from Degrassi?

There is no character named Penny, but there's Fiona Coin.

Have you ever seen a buffalo head nickel that is smaller than a dime?

It is not a real coin. It is something made by a novelty company.

How can you tell the difference between a real and counterfeit 1909 VDB Lincoln Penny?

Have it checked by a coin dealer.

Who is the person on the penny?

Abraham Lincoln has been the person shown on the US one cent coin (the penny) since 1909. From 1793 through 1908 that coin did not show a "real" person, but had various depictions of "Miss Liberty"

What is the estimated value of a copy of a 1793 us penny?

It is worth nothing but its metal value since it is not a real coin.

Where can you find information about a coin that is a penny on one side and a dime on the other?

It's part of a magic trick called "scotch and soda". The rest of the trick is missing... I think I spent it. These magician's coins are made by private companies from two real coins. They usually sell for $6-$8 in novelty stores and can often be picked up on eBay for less.

How would you know if your 1970 s silver penny is real?

Easy, there's no such coin. If anything, it could be an error coin. American pennies were never minted in silver.

How do you know if your 1943 copper penny is real?

Take it to a reputable coin dealer and he can verify it for you. Some easy tricks to do is to see if it sticks to a magnet, if it does, it is a fake. Secondly, look at the coin under a loupe and compare the last 2 digits to a genuine 1943 steel penny, if they aren't identical, it is an altered coin.

Who is on the 1904 dime?

Miss Liberty is on the 1904 Barber dime, the first dime to have the portrait of a real person is the 1946 Roosevelt dime.

Where can you find a 1964 US penny?

They are pretty hard to find in circulation, but if you buy a bunch of penny rolls from the bank, you might get lucky. Otherwise, for about a quarter, you should be able to find a real nice uncirculated one at any coin show or coin shop.

Is there any reord of a buffalo dime with a wheat penny back struck in silver date 1923?

There was never a "buffalo dime", only a buffalo nickel. Regardless of what denomination is on the non-penny side, a "coin" like that would be almost impossible to produce. You have a novelty item made by cutting apart two real coins, swapping sides, and joining them using jeweler's or machinist's techniques. It's the same way all of those "rare, extremely valuable, major error" (NOT!!!) two-headed coins are made.

Is a 1935 penny with liberty head on one side and wheat back penny real?

Probably not. It sounds similar to a "magician's coin" made by cutting apart 2 genuine coins and swapping the sides.

What is a 1969 s penny worth?

Most are face value, only a real nice uncirculated coin may be worth 25 cents.

Who is on 1928 dime?

Miss Liberty is on the 1928 Mercury dime, shes not a real person.

Is Penny Wise the Clown real?

No. He is a character in a movie.

1942 steel penny Is it real I have such a penny. Am i hallucinating?

The best way to find out if it is real, simply use a magnet. It will cling to the magnet if it is a real steel penny.

What is the name of the dime first minted in 1916?

The Winged Liberty, or Mercury Dime. Most people call it the Mercury Dime, but its real name is the Winged Liberty dime.

Is a dollar coin with Statue of Liberty on one side and Thomas Jefferson on the other a real coin?

It has numerous presidents and it doeas have the statue of liberty on the back it was first minted in 2007. yes, it is a real coin.

How can you tell if you have a real double die 1986 dd Lincoln penny?

Look at it under a lens. If you are still not sure then take it to a coin dealer and have them look at it.