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Woodfield Online High School, by its own admission (see the Related Link below), is a "life experience" school and hence its diploma is not recognized even as a G.E.D. Not being so, its "diploma" is not recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and it's not advisable to present it for employment with the government or an institution of higher learning.

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There is this confusion among the people about education in the

United States. A school or college does not need any kind of authorization from US Department of Education to operate in the United States, however if it claims to accredited (which all legitimate schools strive to be) then the U.S, and CHEA would advise people as to whether the accreditation agency is approved or not. In this instance, Woodfield is considered to be a diploma mill with unapproved accreditation.

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Q: Is a diploma from Woodfield Online High School recognized by the Department of Education?
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What accrediting agency is Woodfield online high school accredited by?

Woodfield High School is an accredited institution by the Universal Accreditation Agency for Online Education (UAAOE) <><> In researching the reference to the above accrediting agency, it's mentioned only in the literature provided by the Woodfield High School. The telephone number also cannot not by reverse locating. <><> This accrediting agency is not recognized by the United States Department of Education and you will not be able to use this high school diploma for admission to a college or university.

Is a woodfield high school diploma recognized in Canada?

Educational credentials issued by schools/colleges in the United States, or academic credentials that are recognized and accepted here are also recognized in Canada. Woodfield is an accredited high school so it is recognized in the United States and Canada as well.

Are high school diploma online is it good?

Only if it is recognized by your state's Department of Education; otherwise don't bother.

Which online colleges and universities have the reputation of being diploma mills?

Diploma mills tend to be colleges and universities that are unaccredited by an organization recognized by the US Department of Education. Columbus University is one such unaccredited online university. <><> Check out the Related Links below for more information on diploma mills and what to watch out for.

Are you eligible to enter military service with a diploma from woodfield high school?

US Armed forces have their own training and educational infrastructure so they do take highschool graduates from recognized schools. Woodfield is an accredited high school and accredited high schools are considered recognized in the United States.

Can the diploma from woodfield high school work at hcc?

Accredited academic credentials get accepted everywhere, since they are recognized by a proper accreditation agency. Woodfield offers accredited high school diploma, so I don't think you will have any problem applying for a job or admission in community college or a state university. But remember that your diploma is not the guarantee that you will definitely get admission.

Is woodfield high school diploma accepted at ccac?

Most community colleges accept students with a high school diploma from any accredited high school, a GED or equivalent certification. Because Woodfield does not have accreditation from a recognized agency (per the U.S. Department of Education (USDE), nor the Council on Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA)), it's problematic the diploma would be acceptable.

Can you use a diploma from Woodfield High School in the us?

woodfield is a nationally accredited online school. so yes u can excepted Canada

Can your use a woodfield high school diploma to enter brown mackie collage?

Isn't it the students profile that gets him into a university? & just like any other institution offering high school diploma program, WoodField diploma is accepted everywhere too.

Is the accredited diploma from Woodfield High School legal?

For it to be illegal means it would be against the law. However, if you were to get a diploma from this school, and it's accreditations are not recognized by the CHEA nor the USDE, nor would other schools or employers. then the diploma would have no value, which it doesn't, according to the above references. See the Related Link below for more information.

Is the online Woodfield high school diploma accredited?

The Related Link below places a lot of doubt on that.

Is woodfeild university a fake university?

Answer 1: Yes they will charge you a $250 dollar charge that keeps taking money from your bank account. it is a complete scam and will only lead to trouble. Their school isn't even recognized as an accredited school in the US and it is against the law in some states to use their diploma for anything they are just a gigantic diploma mill and a scam. Also see the Related Question below.Answer 2: For some reason, no "related question" is appearing my my screen. Maybe someone removed it or something. But that's okay, I just provided a comprehensive answer (which basically supports the first answer, here) about Woodfield here, on Wiki Answers; and I've placed a link to it in the "sources and related links" section of this web page, below.The bottom line is that Woodfield both "high school" and "university" are not only not accredited, but they're flat-out diploma/degree mills. STAY AWAY FROM THEM!Do read, though, the more comprehensive answer about Woodfield, linked to in the "sources and relevant links" section, below.