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no. I think you need the judge's signature.

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Q: Is a divorce final if the judge does not sign the decree?
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Do you need to sign your divorce decree?

A divorce decree is signed by the judge.

What if your spouse refuses to sign divorce decree?

Judge decides when degree is final, not your spouse.

What if a spouse refuse to sign divorce documents?

If you are referring to the final decree - Nothing, the judge will grant divorce regardless.

How long does it take to get a divorce in Texas?

By Texas law, the Judge can't sign the Final Decree of Divorce until the Petition for Divorce has been on file for at least 60 days. So, if you can get an agreed Decree before the judge on day 61, it'd take 61 days.

How long does it take in Texas to get divorced?

By Texas law, the Judge can't sign the Final Decree of Divorce until the Petition for Divorce has been on file for at least 60 days. So, if you can get an agreed Decree before the judge on day 61, it'd take 61 days.

Can I settle my divorce out of court?

A divorce can be settled out of court, if both parties agree to the settlement. However a judge will still need to sign the divorce decree to make it legal.

In WA state if the wife does not sign the final divorce papers is the divorce final or are they still married?

In Washington, once the judge approves the final dissolution, that is it.

What happens if the final divorce papers are not signed by the Petitioner but are signed by Respondent after 30 days of the Judge finalizing the divorce?

If the judge has signed them, the parties' signatures are not required. If one party has prepared the decree following the judge's oral pronouncement, and if the other party fails to sign the proposed draft of the decree of divorce so that it can be submitted to the court, then the drafting party should file a "Motion to Enter" with a copy of the proposed decree attached to the motion and seek a hearing on the motion, and at such hearing the Court will enter a decree with or without signatures.

What can you do if your spouse has not signed the divorcee decree?

If your spouse refuses to sign a divorce decree you will still have to go in front of the judge but he will most likely sign off on it and give you everything you want. This is because the respondent is not willing to cooperate.

Are you legally divorced if you were never served and your spouse knew about this?

You have to sign the papers == The divorce is not final until it is rendered official (Final Decree) in a court of law.

Do both parties have to sign divorce papers for a judge to decree a divorce?

If you're in the US, no, both signatures are not required, although it's generally easier/quicker if you have both signatures.

Do you have to sign the final judgment of divorce if you do not agree with it?

No you don't have to sign it, but that doesn't mean it won't be valid. If you don't sign it, most likely your spouse's attorney will file for a hearing in front of a judge and the judge will hear evidence and then decided if the divorce is granted.

How long does it take to get a final decree of divorce if she won't sign?

You must be legally separated for one year,then you won't need his signature.

What is the time limit after receiving a divorce decree not signed by a judge does the respondent have to sign the decree before returning it to Petitioners lawyer?

The procedure normally starts with a petition and ends with a decree. The outlined time frame for signing of the decree ranges from three to five months.

Where you can find the record to know that if you were divorced?

Answer In the United States you have to sign divorce papers and you usually get a copy once the divorce is final. If you did not file for the divorce you need to find out where it was filed, meaning what jurisdiction - county - state, etc. The courthouse in the jurisdiction where the divorce was filed will have a copy of a final divorce decree.

How long does the judge have to sign a divorce decree following trial?

Well I'll tell you this from experience...We had a trial in April, lawyers went back and forth on the final arguement through June (final arguements in Arizona are done written and not in court), Judge finally ruled in August, days before his deadline, but the decree was then again tossed around by my ex fighting over the judges language, so now we are waiting for the judge to sign the decree even though is is incorrect from what the ruling was. We don't know what the judge will do at this point, or when he will sign it. If there is any animosity between the parties, and the attorneys, be prepared to pay a LOT of money to the attorneys and have your life on hold for a long time.

What papers do you need to sign in front of a notary to finalize your divorce in ca?

Type your answer here... the divorce decree?

Can a divorce in Indiana be stopped if parenting classes have not been ordered by a judge?

In the state of Indiana, it is law for you to go to a parenting class before a judge will sign your divorce decree if you have children. In fact you can't even get a hearing if you have not completed the class. You are supposed to complete the class within 30 days of filing for divorce. It does not need to be ordered by a judge since it is already a law.

Is divorce legal if you didn't sign it?

When the Judge says the degree is final , refusal to sign it makes no difference . If you initiated the action, you must petition the court to drop it .

Can you get divorce in ms if spouse refuses to sign divorce papers?

If your spouse is served with divorce papers, that is what matters. The next step is the hearing before the judge. Your spouse may attend or may choose not to attend. It does not matter. What matters is the judge's decree. Many divorces have been granted when the spouse refused to sign.

What if a spouse refuses to sign for a registered letter of service regarding divorce?

If 1 party of the spouses who are involved in the divorce refuses to sign any documents then the person who is cooperating will most likely get everything they are asking for. Most likely a certain amount of time will have to pass before a judge will sign off on the decree.

Can the spouse who receives the home in the divorce settlement force their ex to sign a quitclaim deed to the property?

Generally, a divorce settlement is incorporated into the divorce decree. A party can be ordered to convey their interest to the other party via the divorce decree. Generally, if they refuse to sign the deed to make that transfer the family court can issue a certified copy of the decree that can be recorded in the land records. It will have the effect of a deed and transfer good title to the property.

How can you get him to sign the divorce settlement agreement?

The best way to get your ex to sign the divorce settlement agreement is to ask him nicely. A judge may be needed if he refuses to sign.

Are you legally divorced the day you sign the decree?

No. You are legally divorced the moment the judge signs the document.

How can you get a divorce if your spouse refuses to sign the divorce papers in CA?

Go to court. The judge can grant the petition.