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As far as I know, in most states the significant other would have to legally adopt, or become the legal gardian of the child in question in order for that child to be classified as "dependant" on the significant other. Your significant other cannot approve medical procedures for the child, thus they cannot offer insurance on said procedures.

The short answer is no. Unless that significant other was the spouse, he could not extend coverage to the child.

In my case, I am the noncustodial parent & was order to carry medical coverage for my son. When I got married my wife was able to put my son on her insurance plan as well.


I have my stepdaughter on my health insurance. My insurance company allows it for children that live with us. The insurance would also cover children that don't live with us but he is court mandated to provide insurance for them.


Also note that certain states have a "Domestic Partner" legal status, which will often allow a person's Domestic Partner to include both adults and any children in the household (regardless of legal custody) to be covered under a family policy. Domestic Partnerships were commonly (but not exclusively) used by gay couples in places where same-sex marriage was illegal.

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What are the insurance rights of significant others?

what type of insurance are your speaking of and what rights?

Does All Kids Insurance cover braces?

Depending on your insurance options, it may. However, braces may only be covered by dental insurance. some don't but others do some don't but others do

Is your girlfriends property covered under your homeowner insurance?

its a gray area in the policy - but property of others would be covered at your request

Are you covered under your parents health insurance if you are pregnant and a minor?

This will depend on the kind of health insurance your parents have. Some health insurance may cover pregnancy while others do not. You will need to contact your insurance agent and ask them about your family coverage.You should also have a insurance booklet that states what treatments and doctor visits are covered and what is not covered.

Where would one apply for MI car insurance?

Most of the insurance companies provide MI insurance as well. These will include Progressive, Esurance, Geico, Triple A and many others. This is a common type of insurance that is covered.

Do you have to have full coverage on each vehicle you have or is it enough to have it on one and liability on the others and be fully covered?

You'll be fully covered only on the vehicles for which you choose to place full coverage insurance. The others will only be covered for liability losses if you only buy liability coverage for them.

Does RAC cover insurance on items?

RAC does cover insurance on items when one has subscribed to their Personal Valuable Insurance. Items that can be covered include digital camera, jewelry, laptops, watches and many others.

What do you feel the qualifications for a payer to cover costs for sterilization procedures should be?

Some people believe that sterilization should be covered by insurance. Others believe that when it is an elective procedure, it should not be covered.

If you have liability insurance are you covered no matter what car you drive?

It depends. Some insurance policies go from car to car while others are car specific. In most cases it's the latter, so check with your insurance carrier.

If a person has full coverage insurance on a car and another person is going to drive the car but isn't listed as a driver on that insurance are they still covered?

Normally, if you call your insurance company they will be able to answer this question for you. Since most insurance companies are different than others its always a good idea to double-check. with direct they are covered as long as they don't live in your house.

Can health insurance cover the balance of the claim of the car accident?

Yes, your Health insurance can provide coverage for injuries received in an auto accident beyond what may have already been covered through an automobile insurance policy. Your health insurance however is specific to you and the covered persons under your policy. It will not pay for property damage or liabilities for injuries to others.

What is the law when you let a friend borrow a car and the car is damaged internally severally and in my opinion vandalised?

depending on your insurance: if your insurance says that if you give permission to others to drive your car then its covered by your personal insurance. However, the catch is that its half of your insurance paying for it: and half of theirs

What if your driving a friends uninsured vehicle with them and have and accident with another uninsured vehicle but you do have uninsure motorist insurance on your own car who insurance is responsible?

Since you are the only person with insurance it would be your insurance that pays, if your policy says this situation is covered. It depends on your insurance policy. Some cover you, others don't

Does insurance cover a permitted driver?

You need to read your policy carefully and talk with your agent. A permitted driver is usually covered. However, if the driver lives with you and you don't have them listed, they are not covered. If they are a regular driver and are not listed, they are not covered. If they have a suspended or revoked license, or if they have no license, you are not covered. It is best not to allow others to drive your car under any circumstances. If they have an accident, it is on your insurance, and the company will add them to your policy even if they cover them.

Does it cost to go to a mental institution?

In the United States, yes. However, this is usually covered by health insurance. The real question, though, is whether the admission to an in-patient unit will be authorized by the insurance company. The only reason admission is usually covered is that the person poses a threat to himself or to others.

Are hearing aids for loss of hearing covered?

I assume this means 'are hearing aids covered by insurance?' The answer is yes and no. Some insurance companies do offer limited coverage for one instrument every 3 years, others offer limited coverage for two instruments once, and still others offer a reimbursement of up to $500 when you purchase instruments. Medicare does not cover hearing aids.

Does homeowners insurance cover broken faucet?

No. A broken faucet sounds like a maintenance or a manufacturer issue and not an insurance problem. Insurance covers events that happen due to a covered cause such as : fire, theft, lightning, windstorm, weight of ice or snow, and many others. The covered item happen in a sudden and accidental manner for them to be covered as well. At no time does a homeowners policy cover maintenance problems. This is not what a homeowners policy was designed to do.

How much are crutches?

It depends on your insurance. I know that individuals with medicare have a coverage of 20 percent for crutches. I not sure about the others but you can contact your insurance company to make you are covered. The prices range anywhere between $39.99 to $100.00.

What Physical Damage is usually covered with Auto insurance?

Damage to both people and property are covered by auto insurance. Aside from protecting the insured against the claims of others (for bodily harm or property damage, for example), auto insurance typically helps pay for medical expenses needed by the insured or other person involved in the accident AND it covers costs leading to loss or damage of the automobile stated in the insurance.

When was Significant Others - novel - created?

Significant Others - novel - was created in 1987.

How many pages does Significant Others - novel - have?

Significant Others - novel - has 274 pages.

How much do you pay for Allstate?

So, is this about home, auto, personal, commercial, fire, theft or something else? Any insurance policy cost (Allstate or others) depends on the type of insurance, amount of insurance, what is and what is not covered, your location, previous insurance related experience and activity, potential likelihood of a need to use the insurance and especially your ability to negotiate with the insurance agent for the best price possible.

What is covered by cheap liability car insurance?

Liability insurance covers damages to the property or body of others, it does not provide any coverage for yourself of your property. Each state has a minimum coverage which depicts the cost of "cheap" liability auto coverage.

Are the most of the world desert covered with sand?

No, only about 20% of deserts are covered by sand. Some are covered by soil and others by rock and others by a combination of sand, soil and rock.

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