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Is a flash drive read only or read write?


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You can write to a flash drive and read data from the flash drive. It acts the same as a miniature hard drive, just like the one on your computer.

It uses flash memory, hence the name flash drive.

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i don't think read-only usb devices exist. usb flash drives (read/write) have a pretty good life... certainly no less than you would require before it becomes obsolete.

How do you remove write protected in a flash drive using ms dos?Read more: How_do_you_remove_write_protected_in_a_flash_drive_using_ms_dos

To remove write protection from a flash drive, insert the flash drive in a USB port and go to my computer, then pull up the drive that the USB corresponds to. Next, right-click and go to properties. Un-check the box that say "Read Only." That should fix the issue.

A flash drive is not a cd and therefore cannot be read like one.

No If you open a doc from your flash drive in Word (for example) then it will be read into memory but will not be stored on the hard drive, unless you do Save As... and write it out to somewhere on C: (assuming your HDD is C:, most are)

Read/ write drives allow you to write DVDs. ROMs only read.

Yes. Using a Card reader allows your memory card to be treated just as any other flash drive. You can read and write to it.

Most USB drives have a small write-protect switch/slider which you can use to make the drive read-only. If your drive doesn't have one and its essential for you, then consider buying one that does have the write-protect feature- USB drives are quite affordable these days. You can buy this software to write protect a pen drive: There are, however a few things you can do, like ... * Secure your thumdrive with TrueCrypt * Use a Registry Hack to Disable Writing to USB Drives * PenProtector - write protect a pen drive from viruses etc..

AnswerFlash Memmory is a special type of EEPROM (Eletrically Eraseable Programmable Read Only Memory)The difference between flash memory and EEPROM is that flash memory is block eraseable and EEPROM is byte-erasable.

It is used to store data onto a small flash drive located on the device unlike a hard drive it has an almost instantaneous read-write time however it cannot store nearly as much data.

Yes, the information on both can be changed.

No, you cannot read and write, only read. ROM stands for "Read-only Memory".

Yes. Flash drives work just as well in reading memory as a CD or your hard drive. Plus, flash drives have a tendency to read faster than hard drives, so it may load faster.

in a floppy drive, a small pin hits the area where that little switch is on the floppy. if it passes through, the floppy drive detects the floppy as write/read. it it doesn't pass through, the floppy drive detects the floppy as read only

OSX can natively read and write to FAT filesystem drives. It can read from, but not write to, NTFS drives. There are reasons, especially for large drives, that you might want to use NTFS anyway and get a third-party add-on for the Mac, but for a flash drive, it's probably simplest to just use FAT.

The x is simply the speed at which a hard drive can read or write data. I 10x drive can write and read a disk a 10x the regular play speed.

Yes you can, but the computer will only read the drive you are using at that particular time, you can only use one drive at a time.

Most flash drives have a slide switch to lock the disk from being written to. You may have accidentally bumped or moved the switch while inserting the drive into a device (as I did). Slide the switch back into write mode, and it will work once again.

A flash drive has no moving parts. The disks rotate as the data is read.

There may be a physical switch on the drive that will switch the flash drive to read-only. The switch may be rather small. The drive may also be formatted with NTFS. NTFS has file permissions that can sometimes restrict other users or computers from accessing the drive. Try backing up the files on the drive and formatting it with FAT.

When you buy a flash drive it is already formatted in a way that Windows can understand. The good news is that Macs can understand it too. So you can use a Mac to save files onto the flash drive and then read them on a Windows PC, or the other way round, no problem. If you used Disk Utility on the Mac to format the flash drive, then there is a chance that Windows won't be able to read it. So don't do that unless you know what you are doing.

It is a drive that can read and write all forms of DVD.

A BD-ROM is a read only form of optic drive or media, therefore it can only read or be read. It cannot alter a disc, as in the bd-rom drive or be altered, as in a bd-rom disc. The BD-RE is the newer format of rewritable blue ray disk. The BD-RE drive will write to either BD-RE or BD-RW discs. The BD-RW drive will only write to BD-RW disc. I hope this helped. NightHawk

CD drive and DVD drives are used for computers to read and write all forms of data. There are CD/DVD ROM drives fro reading data only, a CD and DVD RW is used to read as well as write data on blank disks. Newaz.

Read- The user only can view and read a file. Write - User has access to read, write and modify file. Execute - User cannot read, write and modify the file and can only execute it.

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